Tuesday, May 23, 2017

End of semester and beginning of summer!

I actually have this summer off! My semester ended two weeks ago, and am already questioning where time has went. Everything I had planned for this summer... is it getting done? oh my ..
Remember that Economics class that was killing me? Well ... the instructor resigned a week before finals and failed to leave a final exam for the Department of Economics to give us. Chaotic story shorter, everything was graded on the curve, and I handed in extra credit. I ended up with an A- in the class!!!
No, I don't know what was going on with the instructor's personal or professional life, but I'm so grateful the students were taken care of by the Chairman and Dean.  Another lesson regarding not worrying about anything. 

Even with the end of spring semester, I'm still lacking time, and find that exhaustion accompanies it. I don't understand how some people can hold certain expectations of me.... or of any other single mom in the world. They honestly don't comprehend the exhaustion and/or challenges of single parenthood. 
One expectation I've noted, is that I remain single for an indefinite amount of time until I have somehow reached a pinnacle of "maturity" for remarriage. How can others even know what's inside my heart and mind to know when I am ready for another relationship?! lol!! Wouldn't I know this before anyone else, since I know myself better than anyone could?  I have noticed that when someone loses a spouse through death, seeking another mate is much more encouraged and supported by outsiders and/or friends. However, when a person loses a spouse through divorce, the divorced person is assumed to need many years of counsel while remaining a single hermit, or face friends' silence or indifference on the topic of dating. In reality, someone who has processed an end of marriage and divorce over a span of 2-3 years (or more), may actually be more "emotionally mature" and ready for a new relationship than someone whose spouse just died six months ago. Oh- I also realize that some do not believe in remarriage after divorce, but I'm not referring to that and won't get into that discussion.  :) 
So ... people may wonder why single moms prefer hanging out with other single moms? The dating topic likely is a fraction of it.  lol!!
Anyone who has experienced single parenthood knows the exhaustion and challenges involved ... and the importance of "teaming up" with a future spouse (for the benefit of the children, by the way. This also totally goes against what most people think).

I enjoyed a quiet Mother's Day with my three special children!!
They really are a bright light in my life, and I'm grateful I had/have the opportunity to be their mom!

 Caleb now works at Dairy Queen and has his driver's license; Antonin has his driver's permit, continues to play trumpet in school band and participate in Track & Cross Country.
Ashlyn enjoys playing clarinet in band, and has done a WONDERFUL job adjusting to Middle School this past year!!!  I am immensely proud of ALL three kiddos for adjusting to going back and forth between two homes this semester. 

I got together with my mentor yesterday for coffee at Till's, and we thought these bicycle racks were pretty amazing!!!!    :)  :) 

 She's my mentor, but I think we're about the same age.  lol!!
What a treat getting together for coffee (latte for me)!!!

One summer project I'm hoping to get done quickly- possibly before our June trip to Indiana- is to repaint the deck. A thoughtful neighbor removed as much old paint as possible (with the boys' help), but paint is stubborn. Tomorrow, I will begin sanding .... and hopefully it will not take me all day since I'd like to begin painting. lol! Projects always end up taking twice as long, so we'll see how things go. This will likely be a Memorial Day project with the kids' help.  :)

And ... yes! I cannot forget to mention how impressed I am with doTERRA, and how much I love their essential oils!! I am implementing oils within my daily life, and have seen improvements in so many areas. For instance, even though the life of a single mom is one of exhaustion, being able to be "uplifted" by peppermint and wild orange fragrance clears the mind and helps one begin their day more positively. :)  I am honestly not as exhausted as I *could* be. My children are also benefiting, though they inform me that I'm addicted. lol!
My personal website in case you'd like to check it out:  http://mydoterra.com/sarajuneflower

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