Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Welcome Spring! :)

I am so grateful for a beautiful spring!!!! My life finally returned to a new normal during the winter, and I have anticipated new life for awhile!  :)  :)  :) 
I can finally walk around the neighborhood without thinking people are talking about me. Before you determine I'm just hyper sensitive ... it's very uncomfortable when neighbors sitting across the street suddenly stop their loud talking when you come into view during your walk. Yes, likely good & pleasant things were shared, but noticeable silence often stings more than words. I dislike not knowing what people are saying, and will join in the conversation next time.   :)  Honestly, by the end of the day, a single mom is very tired and not in the mood to approach individuals who appear to be observing her. No matter how nice the observant person is. :) Relationships and networking are both very important, however, and I need to work on being more open to spontaneous conversation with observant people.  Don't take me wrong ... I live in a fantastic neighborhood and am truly grateful for thoughtful neighbors who have been such a wonderful help (the best ones are the parent(s) of my kids' friends)!! :)   :)  I need to give back eventually ...

I have experienced an entire year of paperwork (filed for divorce last March), and am super excited to see a light at the end of the business tunnel!!! I am now a home owner, an Edward Jones customer, and a full-time college student. Nearly a year ago, I successfully applied for individual health & dental insurance, appealed for financial aid (& received 2 student grants!), and bought my first car (with a loan). Oh- and paperwork for auto and home insurance. :)   My Edward Jones person recommended getting Life Insurance and creating a Will. I groaned at the thought of MORE paperwork, but went ahead and applied for term life insurance. I plan to make an appointment soon with a lawyer to create a will. It's been two years ago in July, that I  first accepted the end of my marriage, and it's been one full year of endless paperwork. I am now good and ready for normal living!!  Well, a "new normal" living.  :)

Since I was still pretty new to the area, and had temporarily discontinued our church search during our separation and divorce process, I found myself attending Woodmen Valley Chapel since it was close by. It was only 10 minutes away. Seriously- I am always right on time these days (vs. being early), and I need a church to be as close as possible!!!
Through Woodmen Valley, I heard about a ministry for single moms, called "SEEN". I have been enjoying the times together, and often realize how blessed I am. My story could have been SO much worse!  I am often humbled when I recognize that I haven't yet struggled in areas other single moms have struggled. I'm often tempted to worry and fear that times will grow much worse since I've only been financially responsible for myself for 1 year (the women experiencing financial difficulty have been single longer), and then I quickly make myself think about Jesus, and ask Him to please keep taking care of me.

Though I've been financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually responsible of myself for just one year, it's been two years ago in July since my life changed. I am very grateful for God's grace, protection, and provision! I am immensely thankful that He has healed and begun a new work, and I have learned a lot more about myself than ever!! I have learned how to simplify life and do what is "well and healthy" for myself.   :)  I know that sounds hippy-like, but it's very true! So often, we fall into a rut of doing what everyone else does. "How would so-and-so respond to this problem?" In order to eliminate unhealthy stress, I've learned to ask God what is best for me before making decisions. I've made a few unwise choices, and discovered I had failed to pray and ask what was best for me in those situations. So .... I guess you'd say that I've been learning how to set aside any legalism that keeps wanting to hold on to me.  :)  I am thinking for myself, trusting that God somehow knows what He is doing. He has led me well into what's best for me. Nothing really makes sense at this point, but I'm sure there will be a better chapter one of these days. 

My spring semester is winding down, and my Economics class is killing me. The good news is that I paid extra to practice problems online (perhaps one of my unwise choices that now I think ended up being good)... and there is free tutoring on campus. I am hopeful to "hit" the tutoring later this week, and then study with a classmate on Saturday (a female- don't jump to conclusions so fast!). I honestly hope I do alright on the test!!

Two more years until my BA degree seems like a long time, and I am prayerful that God has more ideas in his mind for me besides schooling. :)  Some people think it's good to stay busy. I believe there is a good balance, and each person has to find their individualized balance. Staying aware of my children's continued need of me (even though they are teens & pre-teen), if I need to work less while in college, I will. Sometimes "busy" is not always good, and another area where I'm learning to listen to my heart. I want to do what's best for me and my kids.  :) Balancing my heart with real life is where I obviously need God to step in .....   lol!

Oh- I joined doTERRA essential oils to help keep myself and kids healthy. This is an area I have felt that I've needed to take better care of myself (health & wellness). I am loving my oils because they are amazing!  I will share more about my oils next time!!

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