Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March already!

So ... now it's mid-March?!

     Spring semester has been flying by with no holidays to celebrate (we didn't get President's Day off), and I'm very much looking forward to spring break next week!!!   :)  :) 

     I often keep my life to myself when in public or at work, because if conversation turns towards me, I hear, "I don't know how you do it!!"
Well, I simply place one foot in front of the other. No, I'm not a career driven woman, dreaming of my future job once I graduate from college in two years.
     If people could fully understand ... that I used to live my dream as a stay-at-home, home school mom. I used to have more time for things I enjoyed, including time spent with my children. Life wasn't perfect of course, but it was much more aligned with the desires of my heart.
     Now, I navigate a rigid schedule of full-time college student, homework, part-time employee, and full time housekeeper/mom...though I find little leisure time with my children. My present life is definitely not something to admire. Therefore ... when someone says, "I don't know how you do it!!!"  .... I reply, "I don't either!!"    :) 
     I've spent the last nine months keeping my head above a sea of paperwork. I received two student grants this year (after appealing for financial aid), and then began the process of refinancing my home and transferring half my ex-husband's retirement funds into my own Edward Jones accounts. I am so thankful that I don't yet have student loans, and am hopeful it will stay that way! 
     Nine months after the divorce was finalized (June 2016), I am happy to say that all paperwork has finally ended!!!  Woohoo!!!!
     With the refinancing process over, I'm now purchasing items for the house and making note of various projects I need to tackle. 
I found great deals at IKEA this past weekend, including a dresser for Antonin. I love how everything fit nicely in my RAV4!!!    :)  :) 

     Also, I've been redeeming my credit card points toward gift cards for various stores and restaurants. This way, I can feel like I'm getting free things for the house (or a great discount) when I go shopping.  And, I can eat at my favorite restaurant for "free" during my alone weekends.   :)  Yes, I am getting used to being alone every other weekend.  I know what you're dying to ask .... am I dating yet?
     I am discovering how difficult it is navigating the dating world, and find that having two teenagers and one pre-teen actually deters suitors. Plus, since I don't look my age, I shock many people with my *having* kids. lol! That would be funny if I end up with someone 20 years younger, since I'm constantly on UCCS's campus. Just because I wrote this does not indicate I will be jumping blindly into any relationships. lol!
     What about female friends?! Well, seeing how my life has changed 180 degrees .... when I have free time (weekends), most old friends are busy with their families. It's typically much easier going on a hike by myself on a beautiful day, than to try and arrange around others' schedules. Surviving full weeks means my brain grows tired of thinking and scheduling. The last thing I want to do is "think" for the weekends. This remains the most challenging aspect of single-motherhood, since I never plan ahead anymore (much more spontaneous) but I don't intend to neglect friendships!! I am doing the best I can, including making new single mom friends. It has been a refreshing experience meeting and getting to know other single mothers like myself at a weekly Bible Study. Perhaps, I will invite a couple of them on a weekend outing soon, since we're in the same boat and they may be just as spontaneous as me.  :)

     Just remember ... unless you've walked in the rocky shoes of single mothers around you, be careful of your responses and jumping to conclusions about their character. They may just need to talk... and be reminded that they're still beautiful women. Also, allow your single mom friends to dream how their futures may look. There isn't anything inerrantly evil thinking optimistically toward the future and praying for a new chapter with a new boyfriend and/or husband. Some people call it "Hope".   :)

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