Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm back again :)

I have obviously neglected my blog over the summer, and without good reasons "why".   :)  
In June, I visited Indiana with the kids to help celebrate my dad's 80th birthday and say farewell to my sister and brother in law who relocated to Florida.
The rest of the summer...? I honestly don't know where it disappeared. 
I had outpatient surgery 4 weeks ago to remove what was thought at the time to be a simple ovarian cyst. My Dr had been monitoring it since January since I tend to be conservative medically and wanted to give plenty of time to "resolve".  It turned out that it was actually a benign ovarian tumor instead! I'm grateful I didn't wait to take care of it. Tumors (vs cysts) continue growing larger in spite of preventive health methods, and also create growing issues. My mom traveled by airplane (her first time in 51 years) in order to be with me before, during, and after surgery. I know that's what mother's do, but I still think she's quite awesome!! I appreciate all her time and effort!  :)
Summer break appears to have been the best time for surgery... considering I'll carry 15 credit hours this fall.
I'm thankful for a good recovery, and hopeful to increase my exercise endurance in time. 

In light of the past two years... I sometimes believe my life story is one big joke. I have seen blessings mixed in, however, and don't take any of it for granted. I definitely understand the meaning of Jesus being "in the fire" with you. The "bad" or "unfortunate" never completely overwhelms nor consumes.

I'm entering my third year of college, and recently discovered that I will receive enough student aid to pay for this year's schooling. I am thankful for another year without student loans! [prior to my divorce, I was taking a couple of classes at a time and paying my way through. Now, I am a full time student, work part time, and a single mom].
 That said, I am not looking forward to this 15 credit semester and pray that God's "got this" and knows what He's doing. 
He knows I would rather be at home with my kids more often.
I certainly hope God's plans include more than my being in school for the rest of my life (education field- lol!). 

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