Monday, February 6, 2017

Life moves on

Life moves on .... I'm in the process of refinancing my house, as well as choosing a financial adviser to help me with retirement funds.
I'm guessing life may slow down after tax season?

I almost groaned today when I looked at the calendar to see how close we are to Valentine's Day. Not because I'm a single mom, nor that my anniversary used to be within the month of February .... but because I will need to stay away from Facebook and the radio. After awhile, everyone's mushy stories begin to annoy me. I was actually this way before the divorce, so maybe it's just me. I'll simply roll my eyes, sigh, and eat peppermint york patties. lol!  :)

No, February isn't bothering me due to my divorce.
My personality type is  INFJ (Meyer's Brigg's personality assessment), so I am honestly just fine!
 If you google INFJ, you will discover this personality has no trouble walking away from bad and/or unhealthy relationships once it's apparent all effort & hope has been exhausted. Richard and I had stayed married until he could no longer take the strain of being someone he wasn't. One of these days I may blog about my stance on gays...and our story ...

I must admit that the INFJ in me became annoyed by well-meaning individuals encouraging that things could "change", and the marriage restored. They couldn't begin to comprehend how I was relieved to walk away, and for Richard to finally move out. Yes, I would miss the deep friendship we had (we will always be friends), but the situation would not, could not, ever. "change".  Richard was Richard, and would always be Richard. Suggesting we return to a place where Richard was deeply depressed from attempting to love his wife (unnatural for him).... was not a place I desired to be. My INFJ personality had taken up slack where Richard lagged...and why people never knew by observing us, that he didn't deeply love me. 
So.... it was time to move on... the healthiest "next thing to do". 
God blessed with peace in moving forward (or INFJ resolve?)...and then I discovered others were hurting too .... and that my words weren't helping.    :(   

Back to the topic of February .... all is well this month. It really is.
 I'll love on my kids as usual.   :)  :)

Oh- and possibly date online?  Ugh!!!!
I honestly cannot stand the dating process, and am all for arranged marriages.  Joking!!!!!
I think that's an INFJ trait too .... quite capable of love, but hates "dating"....

For those wanting to read about INFJ's ....

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