Monday, January 30, 2017


I'm at work at 7:30AM Monday mornings since my Science for Teacher's class takes up three hours of my late morning/early afternoon. Oh- the Science quiz was just fine, by the way! I actually like electricity and magnetism!
Anyhow, I  go to work early mornings,  due to classes and/or desiring to be home in the afternoons. My huge, huge weakness has been stopping at McD's for coffee or Latte's. Starbuck's is even better!
After a lame attempt to cut back ... I was still spending $22 on coffee/latte's last month according to my credit card statement ....
I decided that instead of "cutting back", I would simply make a substitution. I'd finally use the coffee pot that's been hiding in the pantry since the move here!! A friend from Illinois let me borrow it for my parties when I sold Watkins products (cooking spices; cinnamon; pepper; vanilla).
 Well, the coffee pot moved to Colorado with me, and I'm grateful that friend in Illinois is still my friend! :)  lol!

I've been making my own coffee each morning ... and have successfully fought temptation to stop at McD's on the way home from school or work. The battle is very real, however. It took all my willpower to come straight home today and NOT try out the nearest McD's drive through. 
I drove home and fixed my second cup of coffee (the first one was at 6:45AM).

Some days, one just needs coffee! Especially when you stay up late and get up early, right? lol!
I really am good about taking care of myself ... seriously.
But ... I'm a full time college student, part time employee, and a single mom. Coffee is my reality.
Or perhaps I just like the creamer.  :)

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