Monday, January 30, 2017

New Routine

It's hard saying goodbye to the kids on Sunday evening and watching them drive away to their dad's house.
Yep, you read this correctly. Caleb has his driver's license now, so he drives everywhere!!

Though saying goodbye every other Sunday evening is hard, I determined that I would make this new schedule work in my favor. 

After saying goodbye to the children, I changed into workout clothes, and exercised at my nearest YMCA. It was only an hour until closing, but that is just enough time for me to work up a sweat.   :)
Then, I returned home and stripped all the beds for laundry. Since the kids aren't home this evening (nor all week), it won't matter to leave clean laundry sitting on the couch until I have time to fold it and//or make their beds!
In between laundry, I read the Science chapter for tomorrow's in-class quiz, which happened to be on electricity and magnetism. I hope to remember the concepts for tomorrow, acknowledging that I really should read these chapters sooner than the evening before the quiz.

Taking a break from Science, I cleaned the kids' bathrooms while my iPod blared music from Pandora Radio. Cleaning with blaring music remains my favorite household activity!!!
The best part is that the kids' bathrooms will remain clean ALL WEEK !! Woohoo!!

Throughout the remainder of this week, I will clean various parts of the house a little at a time (kitchen; downstairs), and then walk by the kids' bathrooms to enjoy the fact they're staying CLEAN!  Haha!  :)
Breaking up housecleaning throughout the week while the kids are gone, helps me not miss the kids so much, and also means I don't really have to clean when they ARE here. Cleaning the house every other week makes me happy.  :)

After we separated, Richard rented a bedroom in the basement for one year, and just moved out a couple weeks ago (divorced for 7 months; shared house for kids to slowly ease into their adjustments/changes). I am finally organizing and fixing up the basement to my satisfaction. I am also in the process of figuring out how to hang a beautiful tapestry my mom gave me several years ago. I temporarily have it nailed (ahem, don't judge me) to the wall, and what joy to hear the kids exclaim, "It looks nice downstairs, mom!" 

When I put forth effort to make our house look more homey in spite of the fact that certain items are now missing (from divorce/Richard's move out), I've noticed that it makes the kids happy.  :)  :)
Instead of nagging Antonin to finish moving from his old bedroom (an office) to the room his dad had moved out of .... I finally took matters into my own hands and moved all his items to the new room, including clothing he had complained he didn't know where to store. You see, I need to find a dresser for him .... but I made things work in his closet and foot locker.
My going ahead and fixing his new room, WORKED!  My showing a good attitude by being positive and upbeat, was the best medicine. 
Antonin ended up singing while vacuuming his room ... I could hear him all the way upstairs, and it made my heart happy.   :) 

The children will eventually adjust going back and forth between two houses, and I will continue to remember how attitudes are extremely catching. If I desire for my children to adjust well to this -or any other- change, I need to model being positive. It may not come naturally some days, but sometimes the heart (feelings) follows the head (thoughts). The effort in putting a foot forward in cheerfulness, often produces a happy heart.
 Yes, I will refrain from complaining about items I no longer have. I can use creativity that God gave me, to make this house look like a home again .... and it's on its way!
 My house is looking nice and cozy!  :)

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