Thursday, January 19, 2017

I'm back!

I haven't blogged since June!?
Well ... life keeps me busy, what can I say.  :)
I was in the middle of taking two summer classes when my divorce became final. How on earth did I concentrate well enough to pull two A's that semester?   

Another reason it took so long for me to resume blogging, is because I wasn't sure what to say!  I was adjusting to being a single mom, and I didn't think everyone wanted to listen to me moan & groan.  :)

Now divorced for seven months, I think I may be able to blog without sharing about divorce, or other upsetting controversial topics. I'll share my new life as a single mom, but I have no desire for discussion or debate regarding  divorce/dating/remarriage, nor the gay Christian community of which Richard belongs. God remains the Sovereign Judge over all, and I'd like to keep things that way.  :)

So .... what's been happening in my life as I move on?!?!
I'm entering a new semester of  12 credit hours, while working 15-18 hrs a week. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm going a bit crazy, but know this will all be worthwhile one day! I have two more years until my BA degree, and then can elementary school job hunt!  I have enjoyed working with toddlers and preschool age children, but my true desire is to assist elementary school age children.

I find it a challenge keeping up with what's going on with my own kids' school activities (or news), and miss being much more involved in their school days. I'm grateful for email updates from the schools, and am attempting to write everything down this semester .... so I don't forget any band concerts!!! Yes- one evening last semester I was informed (by daughter) of a concert that I didn't know about!!  There have been plenty of such moments, making me feel like a total failure. Then grace steps in and says, "You're ok!  Just go to the concert (or fill-in-the-blank) and enjoy. Smile!" :)

I am learning to live fully within each moment, not expecting perfection from myself nor anyone else.  

My kiddos have grown so much!!!  Caleb now has his driver's license, and Antonin has completed his online driver's ed.instruction. He will be getting his learner's permit the end of February!!!  Ashlyn is very eager and happy to help cook & bake in the kitchen, and her confidence makes me smile. I don't think I was quite as eager to work in the kitchen at her age. I remember always wanting to be outside when I was 12.  :)

Someone told me that I look like a kid in the family picture below.  It's nice knowing that I look young enough to be an older sister.  lol!

These blog posts are going to be short and very random until I get the hang of this again.

Until next time .... have a happy weekend!!

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