Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's finally spring! :)

Ok, I think it's safe to say that spring has arrived in Colorado's mountains.  :)   Snow has turned to rain, everything is green, and the sprinkler systems are popping out... and it's time for flowers and gardens!
I could have started the peas and lettuce sooner, but didn't have the time to focus on gardening until my spring semester was finished! Lettuce and peas are cool weather plants, and grow well in the cool mountain air. Or at least that's what I researched for my English paper last semester. We'll see how they grow on our deck. Tomatoes don't perform well in this cooler climate, but cherry tomatoes can grow fairly well. Due to my liking tomatoes, I decided to give them a try. Yes, I know there's a good chance of their not thriving .... if all fails, there's always good farmer's markets.  :)
Did I mention how the spring wind can be strong and gusty here? I had placed freshly planted starter seeds on a lawn chair. A gust of wind came and knocked the lawn chair over, throwing the tiny pots completely upside down onto the deck. ugh!!  I'm planting more just in case ... and this time, the little pots remain on the deck floor (the wind doesn't move them when sitting on the floor).

And ... I planted flowers this year, too!  I was so excited to try this high elevation flower/ gardening thing since I didn't plant anything last year. Wish me luck in this experiment!  My hope is that at least the flowers survive.  :)
Oh- and when the sun shines in Colorado, it is intense. Being from the Midwest, I so easily forget and go without sunscreen. Yesterday, after planting flowers and seeds, I sat on the deck to enjoy the beautiful breezy weather and a chat on the phone with my mom. I quickly lost track of time, until I realized my legs were tingling. Lo and behold, I am now sunburned on the front of my legs, and my feet are tan!
This has never happened in all the years I sat on a Florida beach, hoping for tan legs and feet. It just doesn't happens at lower elevations. Ouch! I have discovered the dangers of high elevation suntans!
 I've been applying Aloe Vera gel to my legs, and since there's a green tinge to the gel my legs appear to have a green tint.   LOL!!   
We filed for divorce on St Patrick's Day, I plan to change my last name back to "Shelley" (Irish/Scottish origins), and now I have green legs.  Hahahah! 
One must look for humor in life... and be proud of being Irish?!
And ... always use sunscreen, especially at high elevations!!!   

A couple of highlights from the last couple of weeks ....
Mother's Day was chilly, but nice (no snow). I took the kids to Mueller State Park, proving to be a pleasant time of exploration and simple togetherness.  :)  I am so grateful I get to be their mom!!

 Once my spring semester classes came to an end, I explored Denver with a friend from my former work place. Mabel has always made me laugh, and this "day out" was no exception. What a fun time inspite of the cloudy, overcast day!!  [the sun hid for nearly a week; quite unusual for Colorado]

 And ... last, but not least, I've desired staying put in Colorado Springs in spite of the divorce, partly because it's the best thing for children to have both parents involved in their lives, and partly because I honestly like it here. As you can see, there really are Purple Mountain Majesties!!

Tomorrow, my two online summer classes begin, and I'll grow busy again. My hope is to remain intentional within relationships- especially with my sweet kids'!! 
Aren't you thankful we don't ever do life alone- even in the crazy moments?? 
 Like I've said before, God multiplies my time many, many times over.
I'm looking forward to seeing what He does next week ...

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