Sunday, April 24, 2016

Peace in the storm :)

Life is crazy!!! 
I'm sure most everyone would agree, and have their own stories to share.

First of all, the weather patterns in Colorado Springs are extremely changeable, with being in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (6,000 feet above sea level). 
Spring time brings both nice weather, and not so nice weather. This is my second spring in Colorado, and I've learned to expect the unexpected. The weather forecast sometimes changes within hours, or in-between forecasts. One minute it's chilly and overcast, and then it's sunny and hot ten minutes later. One learns to always have a jacket within reach during the spring. Oh- and a water bottle.
{Beautiful sunsets make up for any inconveniences during the day.   :) }

Ashlyn was thrilled over her little bird house project, and hung it in a tree with newly sprouted leaves. We were so excited that SPRING was HERE!!!!
 Or so we THOUGHT spring was here. An unexpected spring snow storm moved through Colorado, bringing high gusts of wind that caused blizzard conditions. Ashlyn's bird house shattered  .... and I was pleased with how maturely she handled the situation. I was more upset than she was, as I almost melted at the sight of the broken house. She informed me that next time she'd make a bird house with a hammer and nails (this one had been a kit, glued/pieced together).
 I was growing weary of winter, but like most spring snows in Colorado, it all melted away in two days flat. The sun is amazingly intense here!  
Besides the crazy weather, unpredictable events were taking place in my life, too!
I am the type of person who avoids drama at all costs, but somehow ... drama seems finds me anyway. I think it's simply called "Life".  Yes, reactions to our pending divorce, as well as work-place drama. No, I'm not talking about it on this blog.  lol!
Besides finishing up spring semester classes, I'm changing jobs so my hours will fit better around schedules. 
With attempting 12 credit hours this coming fall, I don't want to work more than 20 hrs/wk- for my sanity. This past semester, I've worked 28-30 hours, along with 9  college credit hours and balancing "life".  I'm trying very hard not to be an absent mom. I'd actually prefer being a stay-at-home mom like I was for 16 years ... but this is a new season of life.
By the way, Colorado sun rises also make up for any inconveniences.   :)
Though when I saw this out my window, it was difficult concentrating on a paper due later that day. 

Honestly- I believe God  often stops time so that I can get more accomplished in a day.  :)
Even though life has been a tad difficult lately, He's been so good to provide exactly what I need.  He certainly has been a good, good Father!!

I just HAVE to share my favorite song, by Chris Tomlin:

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