Thursday, March 31, 2016

~Beginning again~

Tonight, I began a "Starting Over Workshop".
Participating is adding more to my schedule, but I feel I need this, going forward in life as a single mom.
Though I was initially excited about this workshop when first signing up, my feelings turned to trepidation when driving to the location this evening. Why did I sign up, and why didn't I ask someone to come with me?!
 It's very scary walking into a strange place alone (my life flashed before my eyes) ....
I mustered courage to walk into the building and find the room discover there were other people just like me. I breathed a sign of relief and took a seat.
I wasn't alone.
We all have scars and experiences we desire to process before moving forward with our lives. We don't want to be the person who constantly feels the need share a sob story to everyone we meet. We want to "get on with it" and enjoy our lives, be a blessing to others, be involved in community (like we used to) ....which means embracing our present lives for what it is. And, yes, it's certainly a process.

Tonight, we talked about "Myths on growing and healing".
During the next five weeks we'll cover topics like, "Understanding your identity", "The depths of forgiveness", "Letting go of the past", "How do I relate now?", and "Assuming new responsibilities".
There was an article recently in the Gazette, and thought I'd share it through the following link:

I've already had eight months to process most things, and have sensed a transition within myself. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and grow within this new life .... and then some day, hope to see what God's Sovereign plan was in all of this. If I believe God is Sovereign, I have nothing to fear, and everything to hope for.  

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