Saturday, March 26, 2016

Crazy living

The hardest part about going to school, working a job,  and having three children .... is that I often feel guilty for my time spent on homework and study. 
Or, sometimes I forget about appointments, until Ashlyn sweetly reminds me of her Parent/Teacher Conference the next day. Eek- I quickly cover the surprise on my face and pretend I've always known. Haha! Good thing my attorney's appointment was scheduled for a couple hours after the Conference. Or maybe I had planned it that way all along?  I honestly don't remember. 

Ashlyn decorated her own Conference folder to share with us, and did a great job presenting her school work and grades. I think she's much more comfortable speaking in public than I ever was at her age. We were impressed! :)
I am thankful for how much Ashlyn loves her school. With it being her first year in public school, I was worried about her at first. She has a great relationship with her teacher and classmates, and has blossomed in many ways within her academics. There's no doubt in my mind that her school was a God-send this year. :) 

It's difficult to believe, but Ashlyn will be entering Junior High this fall- 6th grade!
Within my disbelief, I'm making a note to check into the Middle School's beginning band and/or choir, in case we should already be signing up. She's expressed an interest in choir, though I'd also like her to choose an instrument to learn.... so ... obviously, lots to consider and questions to ask  (hopefully we haven't missed any announcements...). 

 Trumpet player Antonin will be entering high school this fall, so I need to verify that he's all set with high school band. Can you believe he missed the band try-outs (because I was at work and he forgot and walked home instead of staying after school like he was supposed to). Anonin will do a great job in the entry level band for 9th grade ... even though I know he is capable of harder music.  Ugh!!!  Yes, these are the most difficult things in life, with balancing a job, family, and taking 9 college credit hours. I can either choose to get stressed out, or laugh. So, I choose to laugh.  :)  And ... I will also email the high school band teacher to ask questions.
Nothing to write about Caleb right now, other than he will be in 11th grade this fall, and is still in need of much driving practice/time. With the amount of snow we've been getting, and conflicting schedules, it seems he doesn't drive very often .... we're trying!!  :) Another guilt moment ..
 I need to finish this blog post and ask Ashlyn what's up. She's baking cupcakes for Easter, and has been talking a mile a minute about our plans tomorrow. It HAS been hard getting into the "spirit" of Easter traditions this year, so I'm really glad Ashlyn has made a list.  :) 
Did I mention there's about 5 inches of snow on the ground outside? 
Our plans tomorrow include going to church, eating a late lunch (ham, potatoes, etc.), and enjoying an indoor egg hunt (because of the snow). 

{.... I'm SO thankful for the true meaning of Easter!!! Jesus was thinking of me when he hung on the cross, and then rose from the dead. He took away ALL my shame and guilt so that I can live guilt-free. Yes, even within this crazy life I now find myself in (He knew what was going to happen). Though it's been difficult getting into the spirit of traditions this year, Easter now has an even greater and deeper meaning to me.}

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