Thursday, March 24, 2016

Being "real" and loving requires courage ....

It's been ages since writing on my blog, and I'm so glad to be back!!!  :)  :)
Returning is like seeing an old friend after years of absence!!
Besides being a busy non-traditional college student, and working Approx. 25 hours a week at a preschool (the hours fluctuate based on the need) ... my life has been slowly changing. Being comfortable enough to write about such changes, requires being "real", and I admit I haven't wanted to be so courageous.  :)
Like most other women, I am more concerned about being judged by others than saying what's really on my heart. Especially when potentially being judged why I'm no longer a stay-at-home-mom. For crying out loud, that in of itself can be the worst of "mommy selfishness" within certain segments of Christianity. Taking 9 credit hours of school, while working about 25 hours a week? Gasp! Why would any mother in her right mind DO such things?!?!
Well ... I certainly question my sanity at times, but the reason behind my "enthusiasm" for school and work is because I'm entering a new season of singleness and will be a divorced woman in the future. It's taken about eight months to accept this reality, and I figured that in order for my future blog posts to make any sense, I needed to be "real".   :)
Yes, I would prefer continuing to be a stay-at-home-mom, but sometimes God simply doesn't make sense (though I acknowledge His perfect Sovereignty). 
*sigh*... ok.... I feel better now that I've admitted the above, and can now breathe.  :) 
During a Community Bible Study Leaders' Retreat, November 2015 (before getting my present job at the preschool), the following poem reminded me that no matter what issues I may have with another person ... instead of "getting even" or being a "Bible Thumper" ... my first reactions need to be love-filled. Not naïve or being trampled-on, but courageous.
This says it all!!
And ... I really should return to my homework now. lol! :)
Writing is therapeutic, but requires time. And since I don't have extra time due to school, work & family, I will share my new life & thoughts within smaller posts. At least now you know what to expect. :)
Until next time .... please find someone to encourage, because we are surrounded by hurting people and often don't know it.

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Andrea Stephens said...

I agree! Writing does take time, but it is so theraputic! Love your blog. Keep it up! Sorry to hear of your changes. My heart and prayers go out to you! I've been there myself. It's not easy! But God will continue to bless you in many ways!! You're right, He is a Good, Good Father! (I love that song too!) Have a blessed day Sara! You're an amazing woman and child of God!