Monday, October 26, 2015

~catching up~

I know it's been awhile since blogging... so let's catch up ...
Caleb began 10th grade at Liberty High School, and has had a MUCH more positive experience than where he attended last year.  He finally received his Drivers' Permit (age 16), but we have to keep reminding him to drive with us.   If he marries in the future, he's going to need an aggressive wife who tells him what to do. Just sayin' ...
He's involved in the Adventure Club at school, and is having fun rock climbing. I look forward to hearing about his next adventure!

 Antonin entered 8th grade at Timberview, and participates in concert band (trumpet), and cross country. I'm having a difficult time believing this is his last year of Middle School!!  He and Caleb ride their bikes to and from school, freeing my chauffeuring responsibilities. Once it begins snowing, however, I'll resume chauffeuring most days. That said, Colorado Springs' weather is so changeable, there'll likely be pleasant days in the middle of winter when the boys will resume riding their bikes.
 This is Ashlyn's first year in a public school, and she's doing great!! She's in 5th grade, and loving every moment. Being such an extrovert, I sometimes wonder if we should have put her in school even sooner. I've been nicely surprised how she hasn't come home with any sob stories or any begging to return to homeschool. Now and then she expresses that she misses being home with me, but it's in the context of my asking whether she likes school better than homeschool (she doesn't bring it up herself). I can tell she's happy and content, and my mommy uncertainties & fears are melting away. :)
At Ashlyn's parent/teacher conference, her teacher told me she had asked Ashlyn how her mom (me) was handling not homeschooling anymore. Ashlyn's response was that her mom was Sooooo busy, and proceeded to raddle off everything I was involved in.
Oh my ... I don't intend to be busy for the sake of being busy.  There really are reasons for everything I do, and I guess I should talk more often WHY I do what I do.   :)
 My parents came to visit us in September, and saw first-hand how busy we can be sometimes. We enjoyed having them here with us, and hope they had an enjoyable time!! :)  I especially appreciated their help with chauffeuring and supervising the kiddos- like when I was in class.
Yes, I've returned to school after waiting a year to become a resident of Colorado (college tuition is cheaper after living here one year). I'm taking a Math and English class, and plan to register for three spring classes soon!  I'll be taking an online Math for Teachers class, Geography, and History. Oh- and that's besides making plans for transferring to a 4-year University next fall. I'm also a substitute teachers' aide, in helping to pay for my schooling.
I pray I'm not giving my children the message that I'm too busy for them!  I'm really trying to strike a good balance.   :)  Taking mostly online classes should help me this spring ....
 Sun rises here can be so beautiful. Yes, there are purple mountains!
Below, the first snow of the season on Pikes Peak, paired with a glorious sun rise!  :)
It's only a matter of time until we have snow on the ground (possibly this next weekend). It seems like the summer and fall months have flown by so quickly! Time to hunt for the winter hates, gloves and snow gear ....

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