Monday, September 7, 2015

~Summer's Last Hurrah~

The time had come ... a once in a lifetime event ...celebrating my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary in Northern Indiana!!

I knew half-way into our plans for mom & dad, that I was going to need to pack an extra suitcase for the decorations & other odds and ends. I'm SO glad I did!! During the big celebration weekend, I found the "Anniversary suitcase" very handy in going back and forth between family's houses and decorating at the church.
Being the sibling who lives farthest away from everyone else in Indiana, there are unique challenges with planning parties. How awesome and exciting to see everything come together so well- it was certainly a team effort, and I enjoyed working with my older brother and sister!!   :)  :)    I think we make a good team- then again, look who raised us. ;)  (wink)   
   Mom & dad got married in August of 1965, but we decided to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in the middle of July. This way, we'd avoid schedule conflicts with school starting, AND .... save extended family's time and effort, by celebrating during the Pletcher family reunion.
A couple of mom & dad's far away friends came to celebrate, too, making the day extra special!
The best part for me, was seeing mom & dad's happy faces as they talked and visited with people they hadn't seen in awhile.
Yes, my siblings and I felt we were preparing for a wedding- jitters and all (i.e. the night before decoration preparations. Haha! Only my sister & brother know what I'm laughing about!!) ...  but it was totally worth the effort!! 
We love you, mom & dad!

          Mom & dad in 1965 ...                                                               
 Here's a few pictures of the big day ... it would take too long sharing them all!

 We asked people to share memories, that would eventually end up in a scrapbook.
We also attached pictures to scrapbook paper (& clips) ... but they wouldn't stick to the wall. Ugh!
Plan B, was to make them look nice on the tables.   Amazing how the last-minute-adrenaline kicks in .... the photo back-drop also came together last minute.  Yay! :)
 My brother, Joe, had "cleaned up" the 1965 recording of mom & dad's wedding vows. We all listened to their vows from 50 years ago, and their favorite song that followed. Mom & dad fed each other cake, and then simply looked cute.  :)
Then, we all took turns taking pictures & getting pictures taken!   :)
  Here's Ashlyn with cousin Jenna!
 ... Mom & dad's grandchildren, minus Makaela, who was on a trip.  :)
 After the 50th celebration and family reunion, the remaining days were filled with family get-togethers, and fun times. :)
 Jenna & Ashlyn have a special bond, and made up their own handshake. They are so sweet, and I'm sad they only get to see each other once a year.
After our time with family, we drove to Grand Haven, Michigan.
I can't explain why I love water, yet don't know how to swim. Haha!
Yes, learning to swim is on my bucket list of things to learn before I'm 50.
*Ahem*- anyway, I really like sand and water, so thought visiting the Lake Michigan area would be similar to visiting the beach!
 Besides the nipping wind, it was a lot like visiting the beach. :)  I had forgotten, however, how chilly Michigan can be. That said, what a great location for a summer home without humid hot temps! ;)
 Did you know that Michigan is so far north, they enjoy long days in the summer?
I was nicely surprised to see the sun go down around 9:50PM each night. Wow!

 Take a look at this cool light-bulb- looking-sunset!  :)

 And .... that's all.  Too quickly, our summer came to an end .....     :)

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