Saturday, April 11, 2015

Still healing .... (& Easter too) :) :)

My toe surgery went well last Thursday morning...
My entire toe was numbed; I was flat on my back, unable to see or feel anything.
The pain began later- around 1AM Friday morning, when the numbness wore off. My entire toe throbbed relentlessly, at times pain shooting up my leg. I got out of bed (so I wouldn't wake Richard), and walked around the living room & kitchen praying and crying.
 I didn't know what to do!
 My natural instinct was to sit on the floor, pull my leg up-close to my body, and massage my foot.
Surprisingly, that worked!! lol!!  Thank God for giving me instincts!  :)  :)  I was soon able to fall back to sleep.
Later that morning (after the sun was up), I prepared water & vinegar in the tub (following Dr's directions) ... then fought against the desire to immediately take my toe OUT of the water & vinegar!! I was to soak it for 20 minutes, but it stung terribly in the water/vinegar. Ouch!!
As I took the last of the bandage off my soaking toe (gauze had stuck to toenail area), and saw there was an ugly, gross toe in place of the one I use to have ... I suddenly remembered that it was Good Friday.   ;)
My toe pain (and ugliness) was nothing in comparison, to what Jesus did on the cross for me, so I thanked Him all day long for the gift of Salvation & His Grace ... especially while soaking my toe!!!
Here's how my toe looks most of the time- all bandaged up.  :)  :)
I waited one week and two days to take a picture of toe with bandage off, since it wasn't pretty  (I felt nauseated looking at my "new" toe, without its toenail). Can you tell it's less swollen than in my last post?  Yes, everything is healing, just very, very slowly.
 I'm supposed to let it air dry for about a half an hour to an hour, sitting in one spot (not walking around). Then, put on a new bandage for the next 12 hours.
Yes, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, between soaking my toe, air drying, then bandaging it. Sometimes I hear worried kids' voices, "Mom? Mom? Where are you?"   :) :)
When they hear my voice yelling out that I'm taking care of my toe, they ask if they can watch ...
they find this toe experience interesting ...[I cringe inside thinking I was never like that as a kid]
Yes, I'm still taking antibiotics, unfortunately. I'm so ready to be finished with meds.  lol!
We enjoyed a nice little Easter, though I wished I could have done more.   :)
The kids dyed eggs the night before.
 Look at the designs- very pretty! 
Easter morning, we went to church early, so I could practice once more with the Easter choir before service started.
What a beautiful Easter Sunday, praising & worshipping our Risen Savior.  :)
Our kids reminded us on the way home, that every day is Easter in the life of a Christian, so we should be just as happy all the time. Yes... yes, it is.
It's amazing how much children listen when you think they aren't.
We ate a yummy Easter meal, complete with ham, veggies & potatoes!  :)  :)
Oh- we also gave our kiddos candy in plastic eggs, even though they claim they're too old for such things.  :)
We trust everyone had a wonderful Easter, celebrating New Life!!!
He is Risen~ The Lord is Risen Indeed!!!
 I know this last photo is quite random, but I thought it was amazing!
We were watching the sunrise, and you could still see the moon above the mountains.
So pretty!

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