Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring News

It's spring in Colorado Springs! :)

Spring mountain weather is amazing!
Yesterday morning, there was snow, sleet, lightening, hail, rain & thunder .... then by Noon, the sun shown brightly and melted most of the snow. The sky was clear, and free of clouds. It was as if the morning winterland was just a dream!
Now I see what people meant when they described Colorado snows melting in one day!  They must have been talking about the spring snow storms.
Winter snowfalls are cold, and stay around a day or two. Rain never falls in the winter; one can watch dark storm clouds roll in, without fear of an impending downpour.
When it begins to drizzle rain, one knows that spring has sprung!!
And ... yes, today I discovered that spring snow really melts the same day it snows.   :)
 The sunsets here are amazing, too, even while clouds roll in!!

As for my toe, I am pleased that it's healing nicely (I wear a bandage all the time, except for when soaking and air drying it)!!  :)
The Foot Doctor told me I had had a staph infection ... the "ok" type that responds to antibiotics.
The reason the infection wasn't going away, was because it was down in the toe too far. I don't understand why antibiotics couldn't reach down into my toe ... but all I know is that the surgery was necessary for complete healing, and I'm finally on my way out!!!!    :)
After 4 rounds of antibiotics, I admit I haven't felt completely myself since January.
It will be SO nice to be done with meds this week. Woo hoo!!
As you can see, my toe isn't back to normal yet, but I'm confident the swelling will eventually go away ..... the Dr. doesn't appear concerned, anyway (and I'm a worrier).
I just resumed wearing tennis shoes yesterday, but not without a slight limp.  :)
Hopefully, I'll be able to wear dress shoes in a couple more weeks, as wearing sandals and flip flops is chilly around here.  :)
I'm amazed how God works out all details- even in the midst of impatience.
I was recently hired as a substitute tutor at a school on Friday's.
So far, I haven't been needed at all! At first I felt frustrated, but realized that with my toe surgery and the healing process, subbing would have been a challenge these past two weeks.
Closed dress shoes is part of their dress code, so I would have needed to ask permission to wear sandals.
I know a Friday subbing job will come open at just the right time- probably when I can wear my most comfy dress shoes. I have a feeling my toe is the reason nothing has been available.   :)
Thanks, God, for looking out for me .... just please help my impatience.  
{Oh- and I'm looking forward to being available more days in May, and in the next school year}

Speaking of school....

I'm preparing Ashlyn's homeschool records, to give to her new school.
Next fall, she'll attend an Elementary School in our neighborhood, if the one I'm subbing at doesn't end up working out for her (a wait-listed school).
We're finishing up 4th grade strong, excited for 5th grade.
She's nervous about attending a "regular" school, but I know she will be just fine after the first week.

We are leaning towards changing Caleb's high school, as he's taken a strong disliking to his Charter School.  *sigh* .... First Baptist Academy in Illinois was the best fit for him, and not many other schools are like it. If we DO end up changing from his present Charter school, he will attend our neighborhood High School- Liberty High School.  My mommy-heart breaks, disliking another change for him, but all I can say is .... it's tremendously difficult choosing a High School when moving into a new area!! 
We're making a final decision soon, needing parental wisdom.

Antonin is doing well at Timberview Middle School, and we're thankful for his adjustment to 7th grade. He's excited for 8th grade, where he's able to choose his "special" classes. Wow- it's unbelievable that we'll have 10th, 8th, and 5th graders in the fall! 
Aahhhh ... time goes by MUCH too quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

God has been gracious to us this year- in a new state, new home, new schools, new church, etc.
As He's busy doing 1,000 things at once, I'm looking forward to His answers and guidance in the near and distant future(s)!!   :)

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