Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~8 months in the West~

Where in the world does time go?!?!
~We've lived in the West for 8 whole months now~
 Richard often takes us on hikes, and I love the exploring experience.  :)
The return of warmer weather means more outdoor fun!  :)

 Woohoo!  We survived our first winter in Colorado Springs!
Neighbors tell us it was snowier and colder than usual.
We didn't think it was too bad ... not much different than a South Bend, IN winter.
I think we can definitely handle future winters.  :)
Umm ... not that winter is entirely over yet, of course.
Even though we're experiencing beautiful spring weather, natives say we'll have more snowfall through the end of April- possibly even May. Spring's snowfall will be "different", in that it won't hang around for a couple days (will melt the next day). At least, that's what we're told.
 {I just love the changing views of Pikes Peak~ Sometimes there's a pinkish glow out our window}
Since early January, I've been struggling with an infection in my toe.  :(  :(
No, it's not pretty to look at ... but I can't explain it over the phone (no, it's not an ingrown toenail).
I tried all sorts of home remedies along with my prescribed medicine  ... essential oils, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar ....  nothing helped it heal completely. The home remedies also kept things stable with my being inbetween Doctors, waiting for appointments, visiting Urgent Care, etc., etc.
Long story shorter, I'm now consuming a 3rd round of antibiotics (when will this end?), and will have toe "surgery" this Thursday morning, with a Podiatrist who will clean out the infection.
  I must have stubbed my toe too many times, since the Podiatrist said the paronychia was likely caused from trauma. No, I don't normally cut my toenail so short (the toe on the right is more like it), so I'm thinking my toenail sank into my nail bed and caused the infection.  :(  :(
I'm not thrilled at all about Thursday morning, but tired/weary of an infected toe and being on meds!!
 I'm sure it will take awhile to heal, since I'll also lose the toenail in the process. 
I really wish they'd knock me out for the procedure .... but I'll be awake, attempting to ignore what's happening (toe will be numbed).
Hopefully, Friday I'll feel well enough to take a placement test at Pikes Peak Community College.
The math classes I took in Illinois won't transfer over to PPCC, since they were "developmental" classes, so I'm studying, hoping to take more classes in the fall.   :)
It's time for me to resume continuing my education, now that we're settled in our new home  (well, mostly).   :)
Perhaps in another two weeks or so, I can share about our various school decisions for the kids. It's been a challenge choosing what is "best" for the family, and for each child.
We really MISS First Baptist Academy in Illinois!  How simple life was  ....
 God's always at work behind the scenes, doing 1,000 different things at once!
[Reminding myself  ... that waiting is ok ...]    :)   :)

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