Friday, March 13, 2015


My braces are off (before 40)!!!  :)  :)
Here's my new look
 De-bonding day was much worse than getting braces on ... or perhaps I think so because of my sensitive teeth?  I was SO glad when the polishing/cleaning was over!   :)
Yay- it's great not having metal (braces) in my mouth anymore!!!
Since I'm new to the area, none of our neighbors or new church friends have noticed anything different about me. I've been attending Community Bible Study since August, so the Bible Study ladies are the only ones who've noticed my "new" smile.   :)
  I feel like saying something to our neighbors and new church friends.
"Notice anything different about me?", I'd ask.   :)
They'd stare at me in awkward silence, "Um ... I give up-?"
Haha-  no, I don't think I'll say anything. Perhaps they'll have an "Aha!!" moment one of these days. ;)

My Illinois Orthodontist did the majority of my orthodontic care, for approx. 1 1/2 yrs. After our move in July, I transferred to a Colorado Orthodontist, who fine-tuned my teeth for 5-6 months.
I wondered when my braces would ever come off, because he kept fine-tuning (I'm ultimately grateful he's a very detailed Orthodontist, of course!!!).   :)  
I just hope I can keep my teeth looking good for many, many years.
The total time in braces: 2 years and 2 months!
[now it's "retainer time"]
Remember our school choice decisions?  We were given our first choice school for Ashlyn!!!
 We will feel comfortable with her attending 5th grade at this chosen school, if a different Classical school (wait-listed) doesn't work out for her.  So ... I guess we're still making decisions, and getting a step closer.

More to write later ....    :)

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