Friday, February 13, 2015

School Choices

One thing I love about living in Colorado, is the many school choices available!
In Illinois, we had to make decisions between private ($$$; hardly affordable), public schools, or home school.
In Colorado, there's a variety of Charter Schools, Public Schools, Cottage Schools, and Home school academies (ALL FREE, I might add).
 From January 2nd to February 20th, the School Choice Window is OPEN, which means that one can attend school information nights with tours .... and then try and determine student's first two choices, if schools outside their own neighborhood is a better fit.  An electronic form is filled out via school districts website; the family prints the form and takes it to the District office ... and waits.  Waits until April 1st, to see which choice was successful, and where their child can attend school in the fall.  That is ... unless they're also interested in a wait-listed school, which means they'll check to see where their child is on the wait list before taking steps to enroll in their "choiced" school (after April 1st).   Confused yet?
It's wonderful having so many options to choose from, including a smorgasbord of home school options, but it IS a little crazy choosing just ONE!   :)
We live in District 20, one of the best in Colorado Springs, and we're in the midst of making decisions for two of our children.  Here's a newspaper article you may find interesting, explaining everything. {click the link under Gazette picture}

We've completed school-choice paperwork for our youngest, besides longing to hear from a wait-listed Classical school (includes the Cottage school option, too). 
I'm excited for April 1st, when things should begin processing/developing. I'm praying God grants me the patience not to think about this constantly until then!
For our oldest ... we're waiting to see how things pan out at his present school, waiting for God's guidance for our final decision. He will either continue at the Charter High School he's now attending, or change to the Public High School in our neighborhood.
We think our Middle child is doing just fine at his present Middle School, and we're letting him "be".

Overall, if you've ever dreamt of moving to Colorado, please make the move before your children are school age, or at least before Middle School! Changes and choices are much easier with young children.
When I dropped off my "Choice" application at our District's office, the room was packed full with families of Kindergartners. Besides feeling my age (I'm an OLD mom!!), I realized how fortunate they were, starting out "choicing" schools for Kindergarten.   :)

{By the way ... even though homeschoolers must fill out an "Intent to Homeschool" form at the beginning of the year, the state rules are not as intimidating as I first thought. There's amazing options in Colorado for homeschoolers. I simply didn't delve into homeschooling in this post. This is a GREAT state to home school in, as well.}

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