Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learning .... ever learning ...

It's winter in the Springs!
Snow falls several inches deep, freezing rain drizzles through heavy fog ... and schools remain open! So far, we've only had 2-hour delay's, and no cancellations.
We were quite spoiled in the state of Illinois, with all the school closures. :) 
In my opinion, the snow I drive in Colorado, feels exactly the same as Midwest snow (tires sometimes spin while starting-up or stopping; slick spots). Yes, Colorado snow is more dry this time of year, but gets packed down and icy, just like Midwest's snow.
In spite of the snow, Coloradoans continue-on, normally.
Mix snow & slick roads with crazy, risk-taking Colorado drivers, and it's a scary combination!  Haha!  :)  {seriously, the only thing we don't like about Colorado, is the crazy drivers. They take more risky chances}
Each Colorado snowfall is no more than a Midwestern snowfall.  It typically snows 3-5 inches, then melts within two days.
Yes, Colorado Springs' (total) snowfall is more than Midwest's ... And, yes, I understand that Colorado Springs gets a large snowfall each spring, and that the Midwest gets ice storms.  I'm simply considering "typical" snowy days, along with a few "why?"'s.
Coloradoans remain "mobile" within each snowfall, in spite of snow plows leaving subdivision roads and side-roads slippery & un-cleared. One can hardly see a few feet in front of them because of the fog; but life continues on, as if Coloradans ignore the weather. Schools remain open, children are taken to school through snow-filled streets, while radio stations encourage caution on the roads.
Coloradoans usually have 4-wheel-drive vehicles, not because their winters are worse than Midwest's, but because they live "life as usual", in the midst of snow. As the snow melts, it gets dirty and slushy just like Midwest's snow. When people tell me Colorado snow doesn't get dirty or slushy, I think they must mean "long-term". Our recent snow was getting very slushy & dirty (yuck) .... and then the sun came out and dried most of it up (hence, no more dirty snow). I'm sure tomorrow's sun will work more of its magic ... and I'll need to sweep dirty water out of the garage again!

I remind myself that having grown up in South Bend, Indiana (near the Great Lakes), I should be accustomed to driving and living in snow. However, after living in SW Missouri for 7 years, and then Belleville, IL for 9 1/2 yrs .... my calm, relaxed, "experience" with snow seems to have worn off.  :)
I'm quickly re-learning though, especially with our steep driveway, requiring strategy in getting a vehicle up the slippery incline. I've been able to successfully park in our garage, expect for when the children decided to make a skating rink out of our driveway while I was out shopping. All the sliding around, backing up in the street to "go for it",  tires spinning and/or squealing ...    :)

The older I get, I discover I'm still learning .. and re-learning ...

...including the study of Algebra and Geometry, and fine-tuning my writing. College tuition in Colorado is more expensive for residents who have been here less than one year. Not wanting to lose the Algebra skills already re-learned in Illinois, I'm tackling Algebra & Geometry on my own, thanks to homeschool curriculum!  I am hopeful to reach past Algebra II by this summer, but we'll see how far I get. My goal is to do well on the placement exam when I walk into my new College's testing/counseling office.   :)
As far as writing goes, I feel it's a gift I've neglected for some time. I'm needing to DO something about it before I grow any older!!!!!!!!
Yes, it will take determination and time management to take care of my family, AND work on Algebra, Geometry, and writing.
I'm constantly in the process of learning  ... and re-learning ....

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