Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas & New Years Day :)

Our little family Christmas was a bit "jumbled", opening gifts a day before leaving for SW Missouri, to spend Christmas with Richard's family. It's always difficult concentrating on our Christmas-at-hand, when we're focused on packing for a long trip. Or ... maybe I'm just ADD that way.
 Maybe NEXT year we'll get a dressed-up Christmas photo at our house!   :)
We left early in the morning, December 24th, and arrived at Richard's parents house late that night.
We brought food with us to contribute to the Christmas meal, and snacks for Christmas evening. I also brought along sugar & gingerbread cookies Ashlyn & I made in Colorado. Most of them survived the long trip and were still intact!  Yay!   :)
The plan was for the cousins to decorate Christmas cookies.   :)

We decided Christmas is a good time for taking pictures  ...
The older kids enjoyed playing games after our Christmas meal.
The little girls in play clothes .....
 and dressed up.  :)
{this is what you do when Grandma & Grandpa live on 50 acres}

The boy cousins (above), and Grandma & Grandpa Sorrell with all their grandchildren.
The next day, we left our children with Grandma & Grandpa, and went out as siblings (with one niece, Kendra).  :)
We visited "Passages", a traveling museum on the history and preservation of God's Word, the Bible.
I'm not sure where Passages next destination is, but they've been in Springfield, Missouri for one year.
After dinner at Jason's Deli, we enjoyed lovely Latte's at Hebrew's Coffee.
Look at the beautiful designs!!   :)
We all had a wonderful time playing card games, laughing, and just being plain goofy!!!
 Saturday evening, the entire Sorrell family got together again (can you tell we enjoy being together?). We ate yummy food and played more games .... and were just as goofy.
We love Stephanie's new kitchen, by the way!  :)
Look at Uncle Matt's new puppies!! Golden Retriever pups are the cutest around!
Two brothers eating cold cornbread, drenched in milk (in a cup).
 {yuck, in my opinion}
Richard's the only one in our immediate family who eats cornbread & milk, so I took a picture to remember the occasion ....   ;)   {perhaps Matt's family will be the one to carry on the tradition}
Time always goes by too quickly when having fun. One minute, we were hopping from place to place, visiting family .... the next minute, we were packing our things and traveling back home to Colorado. I'm grateful for such a fun in-law family!!  They always make us feel very  welcome every time we visit, and it never ceases to amaze me how busy we're kept.  :) 
Oh- they also keep us filled with good tasting coffee!!!  My addiction has only grown worse, thanks to them!
 We originally wanted to take our time traveling home to Colorado, but saw there was
snow forecasted for the next day. Seeing how dry, blowing snow often closes Kansas & Colorado's major roads, Richard decided we'd drive all the way through, as before.

We settled back into "every day living", thankful for safe travels and beating the snow home. :)
I ended up sick for New Year's Eve & New Years Day, unfortunately.
I succeeded in cooking a belated Christmas meal on New Year's Day, but must admit I could have been more festive and done much more- had I felt better!!!
There's always Next Year, right?? ...    :)   :) 
So thankful for God's goodness throughout 2014, as we look forward to  2015!!
What new and interesting things await us??  We can't wait to find out!! 

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