Friday, November 7, 2014

~Peace in the midst~

Time goes by ... and now we're inching closer to the fourth month living in our Colorado home.
We're incredibly blessed!!
What beautiful sunny weather, even when chilly outside!!!
 It hasn't snowed here yet (just spitting snow), and neighbors say it's unusual for this time of year.
We're all looking forward to our first winter here- so curious to see what it's like!   :)
Last Friday evening, Ashlyn had fun dressing up as a Medieval Queen for a church's Reformation Celebration (October 31st is when Martin Luther attached the 95 Theses to the door of the Roman Catholic Church).
 They performed a skit on the Protestant reformers. :)
 The best part, of course, was playing the games and winning tickets to "purchase" candy!!
 I was disappointed inside that our boys didn't want to dress up this year. Aww .... why not?! At least they helped with the booths, right? My little boys, whom I use to have so much fun dressing up, and dressing alike .... have disappeared into a mist called Teen years.    :) 
Our little girl will turn double digits next month, and I'm simply amazed, and puzzled ... surely it hasn't been ten years since our daughter was born!!? Someone, please make time stop!
The next morning (Saturday), I joined other Community Bible Study Ladies at St. Francis Retreat Center in Colorado Springs. What a beautiful location for a Leader's retreat!!
 The breathtaking scenery made me think how amazing God was!!
 What a peaceful, calm blessing!
I remembered (once again), that what matters most in life is to keep my focus on Christ. All these other things {life} will be "added unto you".  I could sense Christ whispering, "Trust me. I know what I have for you and the family." {Matthew 6:33}
{continued church search, re-evaluating future High School options, school decision-making for daughter, my first application/resume attempt in 18 years for a part-time library job; the waiting involved for all the above....}
Four months ago, while making the move to Colorado with my family, I hesitated helping in CBS' Children's Ministries, more or less "grudgingly" agreeing to help (at least on the inside).
Only God knew how blessed I'd be co-teaching 15 three year olds (includes 3 sets of twins), along with developing relationships with new sisters in Christ!!!   I'm thankful for the blessing of "jumping into" the Colorado Springs CBS leadership group, straight from Illinois' leadership group. 
I know that in time, God will show us clearly where we will attend church (and be involved). Until then, I'm grateful God supplies our needs- considering our personalities.  :)   I don't consider myself a social, outgoing person, but very relational.
 Above, was the sunrise from my bedroom window.
What a very special time- and good food, too!!  :)
Take some time today to write down your blessings.
Set aside frustration, anxiety, waiting .... and write down ways God has blessed you.
He knows about us intimately, even though we don't know or understand Him as well.
Perhaps this explains why He knows just how to whisper Peace to each of us- in our own way.

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