Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A friend from the past!

One thing I love about Facebook, is that one can keep up-to-date with friends they haven't seen in over 19 years ....
I met my friend, Heather, approx. 18 or 19 years ago!
We both attended Taylor University (Upland, IN) in the mid-90's, and last saw each other at a school function. We couldn't remember what function it was, but agreed it was somewhere on campus.
I left Taylor with my Associates Degree, not to mention numerous other credits under my belt (changed major; attended 3 yrs).
Heather graduated one year later, and then married her college sweetheart.
We kept in touch through our yearly Christmas letters (she enjoys writing, too).
Later, Facebook came into the picture, making it even easier to stay in touch.
We both now live in Colorado Springs, and recently met at a Starbucks to "catch up" after all these years.  :)
 We ended up chatting for 3 hours about our families, our lives in general, and how college is wasted on the young and inexperienced. We both think people should wait and go to college in their 30's. :)  Haha! :)  The only problem with that idea is .... how would one pay for college without a decent job and/or parents help?!
Hmm .... student loans, obviously. 

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