Sunday, October 26, 2014

A new "diet"

Our bodies are very complex, and sometimes we don't know what it's trying to tell us. :)
I am attempting to stay away from sugars, dairy, corn, and simple carbs, as my Doctor suggested. He says I have adrenal fatigue (related to autoimmune issue; lab results pending).  I feel "normal" most of the time, with just a few annoyances ... no worries! :)
It's a challenge making changes for myself while cooking "normally" for the rest of the family ... so we're going with a "modified" Paleo (and "Mediterranean") as a family.
Right now, it's about 97% for me, and 75% to 85% for everyone else in the house.  I will continue to share a variety of recipes periodically- some Paleo, some "regular".  :)
Food (lifestyle) changes don't seem as discouraging with amazing new recipes to try. A big thanks to the many Paleo test kitchens!
I'm presently enjoying the latest edition of "Paleo Magazine- Modern day primal living". 
That said, the Paleo Pumpkin cookies I made yesterday afternoon tasted awfully "healthy"; I think I should use sweet potatoes next time for more added "sweetness".
The children happily munched the goodies, in spite of  loud opinions. "These cookies need more sugar, mom!"  [the recipe used 4 Tbsp maple syrup].    :) :)
Desserts are my weakness, so I'm on a mission to find recipes similar- as much as possible- to "normal" recipes. Perhaps in time I'll get used to less sweetener.
[yes, my kids still consume more sugar than I do; they aren't deprived]
Here's a Paleo gingerbread recipe that uses Coconut flour & Ginger, and Molasses for the sweetener.
I am loving Pinterest, by the way. It helps make recipe hunting more enjoyable, knowing you won't lose something in cyberspace.  :)

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