Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our First Snow in Colorado!

Yesterday mid-morning, it was 60 degrees and breezy ... but the weather forecaster warned us of a drastic temperature drop, shivering in the mid-teens by late afternoon.
Waving farewell to fall, the arctic air rolled-in over us.
 This morning, we exclaimed over the fresh blanket of snow, wondering, "Is this ALL?!"
 We simply needed patience- more snow would come. This was not a Midwest storm where you get all the snow at once.  Colorado snow spreads throughout a couple of days  (or at least our observation this first snow; we'll know more later in the year!).
 Beautiful fluffy flakes fell all day long ... until we had about 3 inches(?).
It's difficult telling exactly how much, since it's a dry snow and blows away easily.
The boys' schools were NOT cancelled, by the way. Colorado school districts cancel, based on outdoor temperature, not necessarily the amount of snow fall (unless it's a foot?).   Such a change from the state of Illinois, where everything shut down with 2-3 inches of snow!
The high today was 20 degrees ... it was 15 degrees when picking the boys up from school. I honestly didn't feel that cold. Soft snowflakes continued to fall, and I noted the lack of wind. Maybe that's why I didn't seem too cold? My cousin says cold isn't as cold, with a lack of humidity.  :)
See our steep driveway? By afternoon, it was quite slippery, even with being cleared off earlier.
What a strange sensation for our van to slide backwards (us in it), not able to enter the garage!
I finally succeeded, coming toward the driveway at an angle, with a gust of energy in my gas petal.
Antonin had fun clearing the driveway late afternoon, constantly slipping the whole time. I thought for sure he'd fall and hurt himself, but youthful boys are amazing (and oh, so flexible!).  :)

Usually, my scarecrows are in storage before much cold and snow. They're still smiling, but say they wish to be brought in sooner. Please? Bring us in before Thanksgiving this time?
According to our neighbors (& other CO natives), Colorado Springs normally has snow by Halloween.
How thankful I am for the beautiful fall we enjoyed before the snow came!  :)
Not that I don't like snow- it's absolutely beautiful!!! 
Have you ever seen falling snowflakes sparkle in the sun?  Visit Colorado while it's snowing, and you'll see the sun peek through the snowflakes now and then.   :)
{Alas! My camera would not capture the sparkles while attempting a picture!}
~The Springs welcomes winter~
~Time to dress-up in fuzzy PJ's, and enjoy a hot cup of tea~

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