Saturday, November 22, 2014


Where do I begin?!  :)
How can a Midwestern girl move West to Colorado, and within four
 months feel she's at home? 
Perhaps, from intentionally making the unfamiliar home, "Home" for the family, and then falling in love with it in the process? What a mystery!
I am thankful for God's blessings in the midst of uncertainty and change, including the changes I grudgingly accept, then realize later what special gifts they are.
I have much to be thankful for in my new home, including a new Doctor and healthy living, and numerous school choices for the kids (that's good, right? just mind boggling). I'm thankful for jumping into the Ladies' Community Bible Study, my daughter and I making quick friends. God knew we needed this since it would take four months for our family to find a church.  Church hunts take time, of course ... I'm thankful for the development of patience, though it's very uncomfortable.
Making a major move with school-age children forces you to learn an area at a clipped pace, and to meet people, too. Not that you remember their names ....
Simple daily survival keeps you alert at the wheel; chauffeuring kids from place to place via TomTom.
 Unfamiliarity slowly morphs into familiar.
Before long, you're driving- relaxed- around an area of Colorado Springs without TomTom's help!!
Really?!  In four months, I can drive without TomTom!?  I'm not naturally good with directions, but find Colorado Springs fairly easy to navigate (once I look address up on GoogleMaps). :) :)
Tonight, Richard was telling friends what he loved about Colorado.
After the mountains and scenery, he loves how much his wife is enjoying Colorado.
His fear had been that I'd end up bitterly demanding why he moved us out here.
[Awww...!!! ]
 Well ... I might have thought bitter things when TomTom conked out, forcing me to navigate my way on an unfamiliar road ... but once I knew where I was, I liked Colorado again.   :)
I plan to make a Thanksgiving list with the family this weekend, and I'm sure we'll be nicely surprised what's mentioned. Yes, those overlooked blessings that should be noticed more than once a year ....
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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