Friday, October 17, 2014

Pork Chops (Crock pot)

Oh Yum!
I normally hate cooking pork chops... because I'm too impatient to stand over skillets and flip chops over at just the right time.
 Me? impatient? When it comes to standing over food cooking, never quite certain if the meat is done- yes! 
I determined to find a pork chop crockpot recipe via Pinterest, since cooking with the crock pot makes life so much easier.... and because I  like browsing recipes. :) 
Here's what I found:
These pork chops were the best I've ever tasted!
Best of all ... no need to stand over them watching them cook!  :)  :)
Of course, if your crock pot cooks especially hot like mine, decrease the cooking time to 3 hours on low!
Umm ... I had already dug in before remembering to take a picture of my plate. We had green beans (not shown), mashed potatoes & gravy, and pork chops.  :)
{After cooking and mashing the potatoes, I love mixing in 4oz. cream cheese, and approx. 1/2 cup of sour cream (instead of adding milk).
Sprinkle in garlic powder, a bit of salt, and it's mashed potato heaven! :)
I can't take credit for the gravy - it's Watkins' Gravy.}
I'm excited to have found this pork chop recipe- it's a keeper!!  :)   :)  

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