Friday, October 17, 2014

Variety of life

Three weeks ago, our family was set & ready to find pretty fall leaves on a drive in the mountains ...
....  when Richard's back went out!
I helped Richard to bed, wondering where I'd take the kids (so Richard could rest).
 The kids were waiting patiently in the van, anticipating the mountain drive, so I needed to take them somewhere!   Actually, as soon as I  walked to the van to tell the kids we weren't going on a long drive afterall, all three ran into the house to hug their daddy in bed, and tell him they were sorry he wasn't well.   :)
Ashlyn had wanted to fly her kite for a very long time, so I took the kids to a park in the neighborhood.
OOps! Looks like her kite took a nose dive when I snapped the picture.  :)
It was the perfect day for kite flying!
The boys thought they were too old to fly kites, however, and sat at a picnic area with their ipod's (oh dear, why did I let them bring along those silly things?!).
While Ashlyn flew her kite, I noticed a little girl enter the park and quietly watch us.
When kite flying came to an end, Ashlyn & the little girl began playing together on the park's playground equipment. 
"Is a parent or grandparent here with you?", I asked, thinking it odd she had been alone for awhile, with no adult in sight (besides me).
"My mom is in the Army, in Korea," the little girl replied, "My daddy lives in New Jersey."
No wonder I had sensed a sadness in her little face. Piecing the puzzle together from our conversation, her parents were divorced, and she was being cared for by a male guardian while her mom was overseas.

 I felt terrible leaving the little girl alone at the park (her house was close by though). I kept asking myself later if we should have stayed at the park longer.
What a sad, heart-breaking world we live in. And ... how we all need one another! What if we'd all practice laying aside judgmental prejudices, in order to effectively love others. I'm preaching the gospel to myself ....
I'm hopeful we'll see the sweet little girl another Saturday morning at the park.
By the next day, Richard felt well enough to walk slowly and drive a vehicle. After church, we enjoyed a beautiful drive in the mountains.

~Wow~ Breathtaking scenery ... along with a beautiful little girl!  :)

Take a look at the sky a few days later!!
What a colorful state to live in-- just in a different way than the Midwest.   :)
 (no, not all the leaves are yellow, as stated in a previous post. Even the scrub brush and weeds turn color, adding variety & beauty).  :)
We can see Pikes Peak from our deck, and enjoy the changing scenery from one day to the next.

Oh- and guess what?!  Colorado Springs now has a Trader Joe's, and we're tickled pink!
This is the closest we've ever lived to a Trader Joe's- Woohoo!

The Highlight of the next weekend ....was that our first visitors came to see us!!!   :)  :)
Daniel is one of Antonin's friends from Illinois. He and his family were on their way to New Mexico, and thought they'd stop by for a *surprise* visit for Daniel!!
What an awesome surprise when Daniel rang our doorbell, and Antonin answered the door!   :)

We all had a wonderful time together.
We drove up Pikes Peak and took LOTS of photos; too many to share here, of course!
It was the first time for any of us to explore Pikes Peak.
Before we knew it, we were at the top of the world.

The photo above, was on top of Pikes Peak, looking down ...
...take a look at a mountain road below, on our way down. Wow- the road was pretty scary in places with no guard rails! And ... can you believe that Daniel's dad rode his bike down Pikes Peak?
Kim (my co-teacher in Community Bible Study) informed me after the fact, that she always suggests guests take the Cog Railway up the mountain, since there are car crashes here every year (brakes going out).
Well- I'm grateful we all made it up and down safely, and that I didn't know about all the crashes.  lol!  :)

Yay, for our first visitors in Colorado Springs!!! 
We're glad God worked the details out for their visit, and they could share their vacation with us. We are thankful for sweet friends and memories made. :)   :)   :) 
Oh- yes, Richard's back was feeling much better by then, and enjoyed his time with company, too. His back is normal now, seeing how he's resumed his trail hiking. 
We're thankful for God's goodness- in the good and in the bad.   :)

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