Friday, October 24, 2014

October :)

We've now lived in Colorado Springs for three months!
Really?? Where has the time gone?
God has been so good to us.
 Richard & I enjoy our dates at Starbucks, thankful the boys are old enough to babysit their little sister. Honestly- it's nice when you can leave the kids for a bit.  :)
 Last weekend we braved another hike in the mountains ...

Remember when I said there were only Yellow leaves in Colorado?
I wasn't looking far enough for the beauty, focused more on my prejudices.
Colorado is indeed a very colorful state.  And, yes, people here celebrate fall, too.  :)
 Based on photos I've seen on Facebook from my Midwest family and friends ... it appears that Colorado Springs' leaves (& foliage) turned color and fell off trees sooner than the Midwest.
The Midwest has more variety of colors ... but we're enjoying Colorado's colors while we can- especially since natives say it's been a more colorful year than usual.
 Oh my, Sara, don't begin imagining what Colorado's "normally" like. Simply soak in and enjoy the color God gave for THIS fall!   :)
 We missed the solar eclipse yesterday, but look forward to another eclipse in three more years.
We will have a great view from our deck!   :)

Life continues ... and what I'm discovering, is that God speaks peace within life's "ordinary".
The "ordinary" of wondering whether our oldest child's school is the best one for him, considering the kids he tells us about (Really? Can't he find just one "good" friend?).
The "ordinary" of visiting a new doctor, fasting for blood tests, wondering what the outcome will be ... besides being told that I'd benefit from a modified Paleo & Mediterranean diet (it's a matter of positive attitudes changing eating habits).
~Wow-  three months in a new state, and in our new home.
We're blessed, and life continues ....  ~

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