Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~We're official~

We are officially residents of Colorado Springs!
Library cards for the whole family came first- during our first week in Colorado.
Then, after about a month living here, we brought home new drivers licenses. :)
Oh- we also registered to vote!  Can't forget that!

 I choose to believe that our van's license plate says "#1 Queen"
Actually, it should be "#1 Double Queen" (note the two Q's)!
I chauffeur a lot during the day, you know ...   :)
 Even though we're official residents, we still have much to learn and many more people to meet. Um, and dare I say ... attempts remembering people's names.
I know it takes time to get to know people, but it takes even longer to learn names when you're the newbie.
 It's reminiscent of my move to Missouri as a newly wed and meeting Richard's extended family and friends ... and then several years later when we moved to SW Illinois. There were so many names to remember, much to learn about the area, and it was super overwhelming!
I'm thankful for those previous experiences that prepared me for this move. At least I've known what to expect ... but experience does nothing to lessen transitions.  *Sigh*, one day at a time ...   :)

We eat out at restaurants once a week, so am creating a better meal plan so our food is more "thoughtful" (i.e. besides spaghetti or chili)!
As stated in my last blog post, we get up at 5:45AM, and then leave the house at 6:50AM.
There isn't much time for the boys to eat breakfast!!  To help my motivation in this area (I need all the motivation I can get), I plan to try "make-ahead" breakfast recipe's {and crockpot dinner recipe's too, since they save me time in the evening}, and then I'll share them with you!!

I never thought I'd be a morning person NOR a breakfast cook/eater.
Now that we've adjusted to our new morning schedule, I find that I awaken early on my own.
God sure has a sense of humor, doesn't He!!

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