Sunday, September 14, 2014

Every-day details ... called Life :)

We fell into a daily school routine ...
Richard & I get up at 5:45AM, the children begin waking at 6AM ...
the boys make their lunches (if not eating hot lunch at school), and Richard leaves for work right before we do.
I drop Antonin off at school (7AM), so he can practice his trumpet in the band room before school starts at 7:45AM.
Then, I take Caleb to his bus stop, where the bus usually arrives around 7:12AM (but doesn't take off with its students until 7:15AM). A couple of mornings, I had to hurry into the parking lot, and encourage Caleb to run to the bus. Whew- he made it!  :)
Ashlyn & I return home to finish morning chores, and then tackle our school work for the day!
We recently studied Ancient Egyptian History.
We waited until the weekend to mix up our Fig Cakes, so the boys could join in .... yum!
Well ... Richard & I liked them; the children weren't very thrilled.

Now, THIS is something the kids like eating .... banana bread!  :)
{Curriculum we're using this year:  Tapestry of Grace (Year 1), Easy Grammar, Reason for Handwriting, Reason for Spelling, Christian Light Math, Science and Art, and Latin for Children}
Ashlyn & I finish homeschool around 1:30PM (depending on the day), and then we pick-up Caleb at the bus stop, around 3:45PM. 
Days of Cross Country practice, I don't pick Antonin up until 4:30PM (otherwise, he's out of school at 2:45PM).
Cross Country Meet Season is here, providing more opportunities to learn our area.  Every time Antonin brings home Cross Country Meet information, I look the location up on Google Map and write down my own directions.
I need to SEE them.   :)
Antonin's first Cross Country Meet was at Air Academy High School- on the same property as the Air Force Academy.

We're proud of Antonin for running well his first Meet, with all that was going on. 
He had broken out in hives the night before, and we had no clue what it was from.
Richard took him to an Urgent Care place before school, and an allergy shot cleared everything up for the day. He was given prednisone and was also to take Benadryl if needed.
The start of the race (above):  Go Antonin!!!
The end of race (below) ... Antonin got 40-something place (he couldn't remember).
Yay, Antonin!

The hives kept coming back! :( 
 Night after night, we'd try different things, along with the usual prescribed medicine, and the hives would go away, return in the middle of the night, then go away by morning. I'm thankful he didn't have to miss school because of it, but I know he must have been tired during the day.
When I'd pick him up from school after Cross Country, his hives usually had returned by then, bearable enough that he didn't need to visit the school nurse to call me.
Day after day this seemed to go on ... and on .... for a total of 5 days.
That weekend (Sept 6th), with Antonin still fighting hives, we visited a Festival in downtown Colorado Springs, The "What if ...?"  Festival (technology, sciences & Arts).
The activities were mainly geared toward younger children, and I think the boys were bored .... but it was a nice little outing to get our minds off of Antonin's hives.  :) 
With help, Ashlyn made a little bowl !!!
What a fun experience!!  
By the next Cross Country Meet- this time at a beautiful park- Antonin's hives were finally staying away, though they'd faintly reappear at random times. I wondered if Antonin could even RUN, full to the brim with medicines and fighting a cold... but he did a great job!

Go Antonin!! You can do it!!
He finished 43rd place in his division (7th grade boys).
Whew! Another week behind us, and Antonin's hives are finally gone, unless he fails to take a daily dose of antihistamine. I sure hope we can get to the source of the hives, should they keep returning. He presently is getting over a bad cold, and I wonder if the hives and virus could possibly be related. Hmmm...
Anyhow, enough about hives!
This past weekend (Sept 13th), we went exploring in the Castle Rock Canyon area.
How beautiful!!!

Such peace and quiet ....

We believe we've discovered yet another area to bring friends and family when they visit us!!! 

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