Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome fall

We visited an apple orchard in Colorado this weekend, driving an hour south to get there.
The orchard was "Happy Apple Farm", in Penrose, CO.
When I saw how few good apples were on the trees, I briefly cringed inside, then purposed to make the most of it. I had longed for fun fall activities for our family, and this place would have to do.
The children worked diligently, looking for good apples without worms.
We think this Happy Apple farm doesn't use pesticides.
We counted our [good] apples, and I guesstimated that the 12 apples were enough for making apple butter.
"This is good enough," I said, impatient with the apple picking.
Let's find some pumpkins!!!
Much better!!   :)
We found two pie pumpkins (for baking), and 3 Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins for our porch!
Richard & I felt dirty, dusty and sorely disappointed ... but the kids had had a good time.
We enjoyed the scenery on the way home.   :)

What excitement putting up our fall decorations!
The 3 Jack-o-lantern pumpkins looked just right on our porch with the scarecrows from storage. The children plan to carve them sometime soon. :)

 It's a challenge decorating for fall in a bigger house than where we lived previously.
I was able to squeak by with just purchasing a wreath for our fireplace, and an arrangement for our dining room table (not shown).
I'm hopeful nothing looks too sparse ... I'm decorating on a budget! :)
As for the 12 apples from Happy Apple Farm ... they're presently cooking in the crockpot tonight and smell delicious. Yay for happy apple butter!  lol!
I add  1/2 teaspoon more spices (maybe more) than what the recipe calls for, but that's because we like our apple butter more spicy. 
We can't wait to eat this tomorrow once it's all cooked down.
We can get more apples at the store soon, to make more batches and freeze them!
We haven't totally given up on Colorado's orchards. Perhaps there are better ones in the Denver area. We may check it out next fall.
With fall being my favorite season, I'll definitely miss bon fire's and hay rides this year.
So far, I'm the only one in the entire neighborhood with scarecrows and pumpkins on my front porch. It makes me wonder if I'm too early? Or maybe scarecrows are considered a Midwestern thing and scorned by Western people?  It is fall, right? 
I wonder how Coloradans celebrate fall (besides Halloween)??
I'm keeping my eyes and ears open .... and hope to write about it.   :)
I believe there's a fall festival next weekend ... and it's not an hour away ....

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