Thursday, September 25, 2014


Fall is here ... and yes, there are beautiful leaves in Colorado Springs.  :)  Yay for some vibrant ones!
Ashlyn had requested to do a leaf project- placing leaves in between two pieces of wax paper, covering with a dry cloth, and then ironing. The next thing I knew, she brought in a bucket full of leaves ... many more than needed!   :)   I didn't think I had time for a leaf project. In fact, I told her I didn't have the time.
Richard was out of town, I was trying to finish things in the kitchen so I could look over my Community Bible Lesson for Bible Study the next day, etc., etc.
The second after "I don't have time for this..." came out of my mouth,  the disappointed look in my daughter's eyes almost immediately dissolved my "I don't want to" attitude.
I quickly finished working in the kitchen, than set up the iron, wax paper, and dry cloth. Ashlyn had gone through all the hard work of collecting pretty leaves in the neighborhood, and I knew if the leaves weren't ironed inside wax paper by that evening, they'd dry up.
"We're going to do the leaf project after all mom? I thought you didn't have time!"
"I changed my mind," I said, still grumpy on the inside, but controlling myself on the outside. :) 
 I enjoyed my time helping Ashlyn with the leaves; weariness from the day slowly disappeared. Through the process, Ashlyn even learned a little about ironing.
After the kids were in bed, and I finished all the things I thought needed to be done earlier ... I found I had learned a valuable lesson.
First, relationships are the most important things in the world, and should come before anything on my "to do" list.  Relationships require slowing-down and taking notice.
Second, God has a wonderful way of "redeeming the time" when I put Him first.
When I glanced up from my work later, after the leaf project, the time was actually earlier that I expected.
Everything that needed finished that day, was finished before my bedtime.
I don't know how God stops the hands of time, but I'm convinced He does now and then!! lol!   :)
I pray that I'll remember this valuable lesson, and apply it to all relationships in my life.
Loving and serving requires a sacrifice of time- some sacrifices more difficult than others.
Excuses and attitudes melt away with my first move ....   

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