Friday, September 19, 2014

Orthodontics, and a Happy Birthday!

After two months of no orthodontic adjustments ....
I finally visited my new orthodontist office yesterday (we visited three Ortho's for consultations before choosing one).
Though I haven't looked forward to my mouth hurting again, there's a sense of relief with resuming orthodontic care after a move across the country. Yay!  :)
The orthodontist is thinking I'll be done with braces in December. Woohoo!
For now, I received another adjustment, plus something new- rubber bands.
Oh joy! Don't they look like fangs?!?!
{Antonin resumes his orthodontic care soon, too. He has approx. 18 more months left}
 Today is Richard's 42nd Birthday-- one day after my orthodontic adjustment.
Thus, I fixed a Chicken soup for dinner-  not necessarily Richard's favorite birthday food. 
I have the most understanding husband, though .... no complaints. 
Plus .... I think the Happy Birthday apple crisp and vanilla ice cream afterwards was worth it all!   :)
I'm so thankful for my sweet husband (of 16 1/2 yrs); God  knew who needed to balance and complement me in all areas of life.   :)
Happy, happy 42nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way ... notice the open back door? In Colorado, you can leave doors & windows open, without bugs coming in!! Flies make their way inside sometimes, but no bugs.   :)

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