Thursday, August 14, 2014

A two day trip {Colorado Adventure, part 5}

We awoke to a rainy morning (Saturday, July 12th), then welcomed humidity and heat when the sun popped out. We were grateful there was enough help Friday evening to finish packing the truck, because Saturday's heat would have been miserable.
While Richard finished packing up his car and the mini-van that I'd be driving [there was only room for me, one other passenger- and one parakeet] ....  I finished cleaning our entire house, re-checking the "Landlord cleaning checklist".
I became impatient/exhausted with the cleaning and could only hope that our new Colorado house would be clean for our move-in.
Around late-morning, we were as ready as we'd ever be ....
 ...and said one final goodbye to our Belleville home, where we had lived for 9 1/2 years.
We felt a mixture of sadness and excitement, and waved to some neighbors who watched us pull away.
Yes, the moving truck and car would be my view for the next how many miles ....
 The boys rode with Richard most of the way. I was surprised that Ashyn desired to stay with me nearly the entire trip! It wasn't until Day 2 1/2 that she rode in the truck- and decided she liked it, of course. :)
 Our stops were a bit challenging. Richard & I would park separate places at rest stops (he had a truck!); for restaurant stops, he would find a parking space along a nearby street.
After awhile we became use to this procedure, and I'd stop following him into the "Trucks" section. Ha! :)
 Our first hotel stop was in Columbia, Missouri, and Richard found a way to park near our hotel room.  :)
 Since it was warm at night (but not too warm), we left our parakeet in the van, and checked on him right before we went to bed.
What a relief to find him chirping each morning.   :)
 I believe we were at the Colorado State line, Monday, July 14th.   :)
During a trip like this, the days blend into each other as you drive along ... one stop after another.
We enjoyed our trip with decent attitudes .... and I tuned-in every Christian radio station along the way, so Ashlyn & I could still hear our favorite songs. :)
 Our first views of the mountains in Colorado Springs; don't worry, I was not driving and taking photos at the same time.  :)
 It was a slightly overcast day, and Richard informed me that Colorado Springs was having a cooler and rainier summer than normal. I wasn't going to complain, since it was nice being out of Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas' heat!    :)

We parked our moving truck at our Colorado Springs hotel, then re-arranged our stuff so we could fit everyone but Richard in our mini-van. Yes, it was a bit crazy (you saw how packed our van was)!!
Richard took his car off the moving trailer, and I followed him to the "Final walk-through" at our new home. He would leave his car there that evening. The closing wasn't until the next morning, so we were grateful we were allowed to unpack items from the car & van (very nice realtors). 
We now had room for our entire family in the van! Woohoo!
During our final walk-through, I could tell the house hadn't been cleaned as well as I had cleaned our Belleville home. "Oh great," I thought to myself. "It's the story of my life ... I think God's teaching me something about being a servant (with a good attitude)." 

 Speaking of good attitudes, Ashlyn picked these wild flowers near our hotel, and left them for the ladies who would clean our hotel room. We took a picture so we wouldn't forget what they looked like, seeing how Colorado wildflowers were still new to us.
What an exciting time ... in the morning, we would leave hotel living for good, and move into our new Colorado home!   We weren't thrilled to see rain in the forecast, though. Would we get the truck at least "mostly" unpacked before it'd rain?

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