Thursday, August 14, 2014

A new home {Colorado Adventure, Part 6}

We were all excited the morning of Tuesday, July 15th!
After closing on our house, we navigated our way to our new home- using GPS of course!
Richard had returned the car trailer the night before- we were closer to not being Nomads!   :)
Our new neighborhood was tighter and closer-in than where we lived in Belleville, so Richard was unable to back the moving truck up to the garage.
He simply parked the truck along the road (as shown in picture), then began to unload.
The children & I unloaded the mini-van completely, then started cleaning the kitchen.
Well- I cleaned the kitchen. The children helped unload the truck.  :)
It was mostly cloudy, with sun popping out every now and then. Leaving all windows & doors open ( garage door included), lovely breezes blew through our house and made cleaning enjoyable. We knew the previous owners had dogs, but the home had seemed well kept and clean during our house hunt. What we hadn't known during our house hunt, was that any outdoor pet is brought inside at night in the West, due to wild animals preying on pets left in backyards!
So ... this would explain the dog hairs everywhere... but in the fridge?  Really?  LOL!
I worked as quickly as I could, so that I could begin unpacking the boxes being stacked into the house.
As I finished cleaning the kitchen and began unpacking boxes, I heard voices talking with Richard outside. Two Mormon missionary girls wanting to help unload the moving truck. Even while Richard explained we believe differently than Mormons, they still wanted to help us.
I don't remember the girls' names, but they were very kind and thoughtful.
The girls, along with our three children, carried box after box into the house, while I unpacked the kitchen. After about an hour and a half, there were no more boxes to unload from the truck! Now all that was left in the truck was heavy furniture. The plan was for two men from a moving company to help Richard the next morning (Wed.) with those heavy items.
We thanked the Mormon girls for their help, and were truly grateful. The rain began to fall about a half an hour after the last box was unloaded from the truck.  Thank you, God!  :)

 In the midst of unpacking & planning
 I had been unpacking for quite some time, and the kitchen still looked like this.  :)

 We managed to eat around the mess ... and then got ready for bed. We slept in the basement our first night in our new home.
Wed., July 16th, it was partly cloudy while the furniture was being brought in- once again, no rain, and it rained after everything was safely inside.  :)
 Things were beginning to shape up more with furniture in our house. Yay, for a meal at the table (without leaves in- ran out of time).
 We slowly emerged from a packed-in mess ... to find some very nice neighborhood kids.
The children made friends the second day after moving in, and would much rather play in driveways and streets than enjoy our nice backyard.  I'll eventually share a picture of our backyard.   :)   :)
Periodically, the children tell me that they are homesick and miss their old friends. You know what? I feel the same way! 
We are preparing for school in a new, unfamiliar place, learning about the West ... and look forward to sharing more  SOON!   :)

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