Monday, August 4, 2014

Packing day, July 11th {Colorado Adventure, Part 4}

The evening we packed-up the moving truck was sunny (yay- no rain!), with a good dose of humidity! :)  We couldn't have chosen a better day, with higher heat forecasted for the next day.
As you can see, all the furniture was ready to be carried out to the moving truck, and our house was echoing from emptiness. The majority of boxes were in our garage, also ready for pack-up.
Eating in our living room without a table (then later, without chairs) was a bit of a challenge ... but we managed.  :) 

You can't tell by this photo, but the kitchen cabinets were completely empty, and the entire kitchen area cleaned. All the stuff you see were items to pack into Richard's car or in the mini-van.
Richard brought home our moving truck, pulling his car behind. What an exciting time!!
Would everything fit in the truck?  Actually, at first Richard wondered if we had gotten too large of a truck for our stuff!! It turned out that it was FULL of our belongings!   :)
Richard made sure everything was set & ready for anyone helping load the truck. As mentioned earlier, we weren't sure who all could help, since many were out of town.
We were pleasantly surprised when approx. 20 people from church showed up.   :)
Not only was our moving truck packed-up in two hours, but I also had helpers vacuuming & cleaning the rooms in our house. What wonderful help!!   :)
In the midst of the activity, I felt a bit scattered. I tried to stay on-top of items being carried out of the house, plus what areas of the house still needed cleaned. I found it difficult to focus ... maybe I just needed some food. 
Earlier in the week, I had thought it nice to make something special for our helpers. However, the thought of cooking or baking while preparing for Packing Day, had completely overwhelmed me.
Snapping back to the present day, I ran for some pizza mid-way through the packing (not literally; I drove).
By the time I returned, the last items were being packed into the truck, and the helpers were leaving!
What?!  I didn't even get a picture of everybody!!!

We were able to fit most everything in the truck ... thanks to our friends' help and expertise!!  :)
Once our helpers left, we prepared for our last night in our Belleville home, and discussed when we'd leave the next day.  Other church friends brought over air mattresses- already blown up (since we didn't have a pump)!!!
I must admit the evening is now a blur in my mind. Besides late-night house cleaning, we were up VERY late talking with late-night visitors saying last goodbye's.
We were totally exhausted, and fell into our comfy air mattresses.
God had been SO good to provide the help we needed-- all day long!! 

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