Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend visit & a night's drive {Colorado Adventure, Part 2}

I don't remember all the details of our weekend visit in Missouri the last weekend in May, but it was a nice & pleasant time with Richard's family. :)
 The boy cousins hung-out together, both indoors & outdoors ...
while the little girl cousins made-up games to play.

 Since all get-togethers revolve around food ...   :)
... here are some yummy photos to enjoy!

After our sweet weekend with family, Richard & I said goodbye to our kids Sunday night, preparing to leave early Monday . As planned, we tip toed out of the house around 6:30AM, before our kids woke up. We wanted a good start, since we'd drive straight through the night.
Sleeping in a moving vehicle isn't the best experience in the world, but Richard & I managed to take turns driving and sleeping through the 14 hr drive (approx.).
Facing lack of deep sleep, we armed ourselves with caffeine. Well, Richard drank the caffeine.
I was more concerned over not being able to sleep in a moving vehicle, so I skipped the caffeine {I value sleep}.  :)
I was able to drive until a tad past 1 AM, then Richard took over for the rest of the night.
When he grew sleepy, Richard pulled into a rest stop so that he could sleep too. I faded in and out of sleep in the passenger seat, thinking how crazy we both were.  lol!
Surprisingly, we both felt rested when we arrived in Colorado Springs ... or perhaps we were simply wide awake with excitement over mountain views!

We found the church where Ashlyn & I will attend Community Bible Study this fall!
I recently discovered that their Children's ministry was in need of more teachers, so plan to Co-teach the 3 year olds!  :) 
CBS has been a great source of encouragement to both me and Ashlyn in Metro-East Illinois, so it was one of the first things I looked for in Colorado Springs.  :)  
 Richard and his job's "new" location. I'm so happy for him!  :)
{yes, he has a mountain view from his desk}
We spent the rest of the day driving around Colorado Springs, getting a "feel" for the city. We had already searched online for houses and had a good idea where we'd start, but wanted to narrow down our options even further.

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