Monday, July 21, 2014

Surprise!!!! {Colorado Adventure, Part 1}

~My goodness~
Days, weeks & months have flown by since blogging!
Remember when I said we had decided to stay put in our Belleville home instead of moving?
Surprise- we live in Colorado Springs, Colorado now!!!
What happened?!
Let me catch you up on our life!
This will likely take several posts ....    :)
First of all, I'm married to a man who says what he thinks, dares to dream, and does what he says he will do. If he says that he's wanted to live near mountains and in low humidity since living in Washington state as a child ..... he really means it!
If he says that the chances of transferring his job to a Western location might be more likely than it's ever been, and that he'd like to check into it before making plans to move to O'Fallon, Illinois in a year ... be certain, he will check into it.
 Richard's first choice was Washington state, but he settled on Colorado Springs, thinking it closer to Midwest family & friends, along with being a family friendly location.
At first, Richard was told "No", there was no possible way for a job transfer to Colorado.
Eight months passed, and then he received a phone call asking if he was still interested in a job transfer.
As upper management made decisions, Richard & I waited for an answer.
Two months slowly dragged by while we waited.
Should we prepare for a move, or not?! Should we school-hunt online, or not?!
What about houses- should we browse online?!
We prayed, both as a couple and as a family, that God would shut the door if moving to Colorado was not His will. We didn't want to attempt making a move if it was outside of His plan for us.

Right after Memorial Day, we received the official word. Richard would be on the payroll in Colorado Springs, beginning June 15th.  What?!?! My mouth dropped open at the news.
Richard assured me that we'd be given adequate time to move, which would mean the middle-to-end of July.
I looked at the calendar and counted the weeks- we had approx. six weeks to move.
Nine-and-a-half years ago, we experienced a quick move from Springfield, Missouri to Belleville, Illinois. I felt more prepared for this quick Colorado Springs move, seeing how I'd done it before (but with a newborn).
 The big difference, however, was that we had developed deep roots within Illinois, having built many friendships within our church and community. Nine-and-a-half years is a long time to live in one area- and the longest we'd lived anywhere as a married couple.
The physical act of preparing for a major move wasn't hard on me .... it was the realization that we'd leave behind all the deep friendships God had richly blessed us with.  Couldn't we simply take everyone with us????
Our whirlwind began. We put our house up for sale and for lease, to see which way it would go in a short time. We were already headed to Springfield, Missouri to visit Richard's family. From there, Richard & I would head to Colorado to house-hunt.
Could we relax and enjoy a Missouri family visit, with Colorado deadlines on our minds??
 [continued in next post ...]

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