Monday, May 5, 2014

Our First Family 5K ... (Belleville Bicentennial 5K)

Spring is finally here!! :)
Several months ago, when we were still snowed-in, we signed up (online) for the Belleville Bicentennial 5K, to help celebrate Belleville's 200th Birthday!
Richard and I began training right away (at the YMCA), but our boys lagged in enthusiasm, saying they'd be fine the day of the race.
Come race day,  the boys finished quite well- and ahead of their parents. We were trying to teach them a lesson about practice, exercise and perseverance preparing one for a race, but it seems the lesson was lost in this situation. 
Antonin finished 6th place, Caleb finished 11th (in their divisions), and they both said in cheerful voices, "See mom? We told you we would be just fine Race Day without practicing!"  [that said, Antonin is involved in Track & Field at school]
Richard finished 7th in his division, and I was 23rd place. I was happy to finish the race, as it was a tad harder than expected, with warm weather (parched mouth; thirsty) & a couple of hills.
Oh dear ....and so the parent struggle to teach life lessons continues ...  :)

[our race times are at the bottom of this post]
 I didn't take my camera along with us, but the Belleville Bicentennial folks took photos during the race, so thought I'd include those, too!! 
 Enjoy- and a Happy 200th Birthday to Belleville, Illinois!

 [after the race]

 Can you find Caleb & Richard? Woohoo!
 Hmm ... I was in there.... somewhere ...   :)
 Below photo: I'd recognize the back of Antonin anywhere ... he's the boy on the right, nearest the street lamp/post.

 .... and here's the front of Antonin- see him? He's immediate left of the purple person.

Yay!! We were all happy to finish Belleville's Bicentennial 5K!
Seeing how I was the last one in our family to cross the finish line, I was greeted by my hubby, who had water-in-hand for me. I guess it's not so bad being last (in the family)....  :)
We had a great time!!!
 [My time= 38:44, Richard's time= 27:32, Caleb's time= 25:47, Antonin's time= 23:46]
Question is ... will we train for, and run another 5K??


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