Friday, April 4, 2014

Quiet thought

Someone recently asked me if I was "ok", because I seemed quiet and tired.  No need to worry, I often experience quiet moments, deep in thought.  :)
I'm an introvert, though most people laugh or look puzzled, when I say so (I'm an INFJ).
I've also been told that if I'm an introvert, I'm a friendly one. Haha! :)
One major thought floating in my head, is how I need to intentionally work on friendships and relationships with others, in the midst of crazy and full lives.
For example ... our next door neighbor, a widower, passed away from terminal cancer late-February, and we didn't learn of his death until weeks later!!! I couldn't believe it!
This particular neighbor often gave us goodies from his vegetable garden every year, and enjoyed chatting with me and the kids. He reminded me of my grandpa, in the way that he enjoyed working outdoors and keeping his garden and landscape immaculate.
It's not "bad" that I'm a busy wife and mother, and that our family's involved in church-related ministries ... but surely there's a way to become more organized and "aware/alert", so that we don't miss important things within our neighboring community (applies to extended family & church family as well).
When you "miss it", it's interpreted as being unconcerned or uncaring ....
As this semester and school year winds down to a close, I'm considering ways to be more of an intentional friend, family member, neighbor, acquaintance ....simply being more aware of others.
Relationships make life beautiful, and must be protected and guarded with all our might- a close relationship with God at the top of the pyramid, of course.  :)
More family news coming soon in my next blog post;
just wanted to share a quiet thought ...    :)

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