Friday, July 25, 2014

House Contracts & what not {Colorado Adventure, Part 3}

We house-hunted for 3days in Colorado Springs.
Richard takes care of our family's finances, so he was often on the phone with bank & mortgage folks, besides touching base with our realtor.
We drove by houses for sale, while keeping a "running list" of houses we wanted to see. I'd throw away listings we'd decide against. Richard & I had the routine down-pat after awhile; we took detailed notes on every house we saw inside, then looked over our notes during lunch.
We'd call the realtor after lunch to make walk-through appointments for the next day. I believe we walked through more than 18 houses total. Yes, we took detailed notes on every one.
Our time in Colorado was very focused, high-paced and intense. I was grateful the kids weren't with us!!!
We would be moving in 5 weeks, and many details still needed taken care of.
We finally settled on one house, made an offer, and then headed back to SW Missouri to pick-up our children.  
I excitedly showed family pictures of our new house in Colorado Springs, and they were happy for us- though sad to see us move farther away from Missouri, of course.
These pictures were taken at McAlister's Deli, where our niece, Kendra, works!  

 Our kids had made memories with their cousins and grandparents while Richard & I were gone, so it was a little hard saying "last" goodbyes.
Heading back home to Illinois, we shared with the kids what to expect with preparing for a move. I had pain-stakingly cleaned our home before leaving on our trip, knowing that people might walk-through it. Sure enough- several folks walked through while we were gone, saving us a lot of "hurry and clean up before they get here"  time.   :) 
Once home, we only needed to "hurry up & clean" our house 3 times before someone signed a leasing contract!  Yay- we were officially landlords!
We thought everything was going well ... until we received the inspection details for our Colorado home. Richard didn't feel comfortable with some piping in the house, and the owners weren't willing to negotiate. The contract fell-through, and our back-up plan wasn't very strong (but who expects these things to happen).
So .... the children & I stopped packing for a move, and instead packed suitcases for another trip to Colorado. 
Ashlyn had planned to attend a Vacation Bible School with a close church friend, so we asked if she could stay with the family a couple of days. What kindness & generosity to not only tell us "Yes", but cheerfully go above and beyond what was asked.  :)  Ashlyn made wonderful memories with her friend.
Another church friend kept our parakeet for us at the very last minute, as we left the same day the contract fell through. What true friends we're blessed with!   :)
Richard, Caleb, Antonin & I drove back to Colorado Springs- again, driving all through the night. I was sure the boys would never forget the trip, as they attempted to sleep comfortably in the back seats.  
Richard & I took turns driving and sleeping; since the boys were with us, we bought more food along the way.   :)
After more intense house-hunting, we narrowed our choices down to 3 houses, building a much better back-up plan, which we didn't end up needing (of course).
 Our offer was accepted on the house at the top of our list. Woohoo!  :)
As it turned out, the seller was eager and able to move out anytime.
On both ends (Belleville, IL & Colorado Springs), we were free to move whenever we wanted.
What an amazing detail God worked out for us!!
We returned home to Illinois late Monday night (more like 3 AM Tuesday morning).
Whew- what a tiring quick trip, having left for Colorado the previous Friday evening.
 Looking back, I can't believe we did this!!  Surely it was God who gave us strength and perseverance, moment by focused moment.
God was so good to us!
Yes- at first glance, our first trip to Colorado appeared like a big waste of time and effort. However, one never knows what God's doing in the background, as He's handling 10,000 things at once.
 Only God knows all the why's!

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