Saturday, February 22, 2014

~Changes (or not)~

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know that I enjoy sharing my thoughts, family goals, future plans, and more thoughts.
You also likely know that we've been waiting on God's timing to move to a "roomier" house.
Our present home is approx. 1590 sq. ft (no basement). Not too small, but could stand be more comfortable when having company. We are able to host just one play date, or one family at a time. I enjoy having company, and desire to invite several at once.  :)
After painting our entire house last year, purging & de-cluttering, we thought perhaps this spring we'd put our house on the market. What fun browsing homes online, driving by my favorite ones, then telling Richard which ones he should drive by.
And ... what disappointment to discover it's not God's time yet for us to move.
Due to a variety of reasons, we believe it's best living in this home for a couple more years.
The largest reason due to losing our equity when the housing market crashed. I'm sure many others can relate to this, too. Building more equity is always a good move ....
In the midst of my disappointment, I wrote down all the reasons I wanted to move, and discovered that most of them could be remedied by being content.  
We live a reasonable distance from the boys' school (15-20 minutes), and are very close to church and all other activities.
I'm also in the midst of taking one-to-two class(es) at a time, at a college down the road from where we live. My "non-traditional" school journey will require several extra years (than normal) since I also homeschool our youngest child. The convenience of college being "a hop and skip away", is an added benefit for a busy wife/mom/housekeeper.   :)

So...  as I clean and reorganize our home this spring, I look forward to enjoying the lovely outcome all to ourselves!!!  :)  Ha... I'm aware that I need to continue hospitality, one family or play date at a time.
 I believe true contentment means JOYFUL contentment, and that's what I desire.
I'm preaching the gospel to myself while reorganizing our home. All that I do within our home is for GOD;  He has blessed us immeasurably, and has given wise, sound counsel.
"I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me." Psalm 16:7
I'm making my list of things to improve around here ...     :)

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Marcia said...

Well, you got a house all looking good. Now you get to enjoy your hard work instead of someone else.