Saturday, February 15, 2014

~Winter Blessings~

I'm the first to admit that I'm growing weary of winter.
Same snow, bone-chilled cold, day after day after day.
Plans canceled, schedules rearranged, nowhere to go.
Right at first, we enjoyed the breaks in our schedule to play in the snow, and be together as a family.  :)  What a sweet time together right after the Holidays. We thought to ourselves that a full month's break from schedules (following Christmas break) should happen EVERY year!! 

Looking out the back door ... the snow wouldn't stop!
Right before one of the snow storms, we purchased a new pet!!
We were set on getting a rabbit, but then decided on a parakeet at the last minute. Richard had great memories of having a parakeet when he was a kid, and called his mom to verify that it was a decent pet. Eavesdropping on their phone conversation, I was very surprised to hear nothing negative said about parakeets. 
"Why don't we just get a parakeet then- if they're such good pets?!"  [interpretation: "Why didn't you tell me about this before, Richard?!"]    :)   :)  

So ... we brought home a pet parakeet, and everyone on Facebook thought we were crazy (I had said we were getting a pet rabbit).  Haha!   The children chose the name "Sunburst", though it seems to be slowly changing to "Skittles", which rolls off the tongue better.  :)

Sunburst (or Skittles) has been a wonderful addition this cold, cold winter, and has kept us smiling and laughing! We brought her home when she was three weeks old, and she gradually grew used to us. She now hops all over us ... up our shoulders, down to our hands, and then just looks at us (she's listening). Sunburst loves it when we walk around the house with her on our shoulder- and she never flies off.
Sunburst mimics our sounds, and says "Pretty Bird"; she's turned out to be quite the talker and noise maker [according to what we've read, it's usually the males who are talkers]!
We haven't needed to cover her cage at night, since she is quiet all night long ... she really is close to being a "perfect pet".
Having a bird in the house made us more aware of the wild birds outdoors .... who finally discovered our bird feeder! Take a look at this ginormous Cardinal!
Perhaps he simply grew a thick fur coat for this winter's cold??
A snow friend on the front porch
Our snow days also gave me extra time to work on a special memory book for our family- our trip to Washington last July. I was super thrilled when finished- 136 pages!!
 We love how our memory book turned out, and would recommend Blurb Books to anyone!
Look for our Memory Book in the left margin of blog (near the top) ... I've embedded the book here for you to view!  Enjoy (& ignore a few mistakes)!!
My next Memory Book project?  Our 15th Anniversary trip to Arizona (one year ago).

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