Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~Be Vibrant~

I love colors of fall .... and what a blessing to have the most beautiful leaves in the neighborhood!!!
 While on a walk around the block, we noticed that the other trees did not have as many shades of red as ours (same type of trees). Take a look for yourself. These first two photos are from our front yard. Notice the various (deep) shades of red mixed in with the golden yellow

 The next two photos were from on our walk around the block.

  Our elderly neighbor has noticed our colorful leaves through the years. He mentions it every year.
 He tells us that our trees are more colorful than his because we have children who play in them.   :)   According to our neighbor, when trees get "messed with/irritated" through the year, they turn more colorful in the fall. Hmm ... this just might be an interesting life lesson- besides a good excuse to send the kids over to the neighbor's yard to play (Haha!).
When we get jostled and bumped around in life, we end up more colorful in the end (if we're patient, calm and don't over-react; only through Christ's grace & strength).  :)
Time will tell how we've handled each situation- will our colors be vibrantly beautiful?   :)

 ~We've been enjoying the beautiful leaves, thanks to the kids!   :)

 Woohoo!  Hooray for fall!!!
Enjoy fall's beauty while you can .... it's fading fast!!
[And ... enjoy your children while you can .... they're growing fast!!]
:)   :)   :)

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