Tuesday, November 5, 2013


We live, laugh & love ... and in a blink, the day- no, the month- is gone.
 Mid-October, I decided to have a Yard Sale with the kids. Not only would it help purge our house of "extra's" for a possible future move (whenever that will be), but we could also make a few extra dollars.   :)
Ashlyn was excited to work her lemonade stand, although only a handful of people showed an interest.
Our Yard Sale was open two chilly mornings, so we likely should have served hot chocolate instead.   :)
We're not pack rats, so our yard sale was not a large one, but the whole set-up looked nice if I say so myself. :)
We sold a lot of our stuff, took some left-over items to Salvation Army, and saved others for  E-bay selling!!  :)
Like my Watkins display?  :)
 I'm an independent Watkins consultant, and had an Open House one week night. Caramel Apple Cake, Caramel Apple Dip, and coffee were served. It totally hit the spot on such a cold, rainy evening.
My kids become interested in my preparations, by the way, and desire to help however they can. Watkins often turns into a family affair. :)
'Tis the season for bon fires .....
 The boys' Cross Country Team got together to celebrate the end of a great season.
What fun roasting hotdogs and (later) marshmallows!
 Ashlyn makes friends wherever she goes. :)

Coach Chad gave out certificates to the Cross Country team members, and shared a little about each runner. Caleb improved through the season, and Antonin was a "fire ball" from the beginning. :)

The very next evening, we enjoyed our church's bon fire, hosted by some generous friends who live in the country. There was also a hay ride that the kids LOVED .... but my camera's battery suddenly died.   :(
Here are the few photos I managed to take. 
Bobbing for apples was one of the activities set up for the youth.
Painting pumpkins 

Fall is my favorite time of year! 
 In winter, we marvel over "winter wonderlands", but I enjoy "fall wonderlands" even more, with vibrant colors God puts on display!!! 
Colors of fall last longer than snow ...but then slowly fades away ...
 I will share colorful fall photos soon!!!
[trees recently reached their peak with colors]

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