Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First week in October

Last Tuesday, I picked the boys up from school and then headed to another Cross Country Meet!
Richard had informed me the night before of a possible Government shut down, so I found this particular Meet a little difficult to focus on the boys.
I wanted to ask Richard lots of questions when he finally found us in the school's field- but I refrained. He had already told me all he knew at that point, and I needed to have patience.
While the boys warmed up with their team and talked with their coach, Ashlyn wandered around the field, picking flowers.   :)  :)   She has done well keeping herself entertained during her brothers' Meets.
... and they're off!!!
Can you see Antonin in the distance, trying to pass the boy in blue?
Yes, I thought about cropping Richard's clapping hands out, then changed my mind- they're kind of cool!  ;)
Go, Caleb!!
Antonin nearing the finish line ... 50th place!! :)
Caleb was determined .... he passed up several runners at the very end, making 55th place!!    :)   We were so excited for our boys; they had both improved since their last Meet! :)

We headed home, cheering for our boys- yet wondering what the next day would hold.
Would Richard go back to work in a few days?
Richard began taking the boys to school each morning, and found things to do before returning home. This way,  homeschooling Ashlyn could proceed as usual each morning, without too many distractions.  :)
A huge plus with Richard being home the first week of October ... is that I was busily baking goodies, lesson planning, and planning a Ladies' get-together at our church (Mentoring Ministry called "M&M's").
l loved being able to leave Ashlyn at home with Richard in the afternoon, so I could run to the store if I wanted (by myself)!!  :)

Yes, the mini-loaves pictured were for the ladies at the get-together.
The theme was on Biblical Hospitality, and how hospitality is not to be confused with entertaining or trying to impress others! We invite people into our imperfect homes, to share our imperfect hearts.  :)  :)  We also talked about ways to be hospitable to our family, fellow-believers, and to the world.
After an enjoyable Friday evening ...
I awoke bright and early Saturday morning to take my first math test- in 17 years!!!
I cannot say how well I did, but I'm certain I passed. Woohoo!  :)
I would say that I'm excited to register for my next math class [I think I can do this!!] .... if it wasn't for the fact that it's required, and I don't have a choice.   :)
Regarding the Government shut-down .... it's lasting longer than we thought it would, and we're patiently waiting for it to end, one day at a time.  
I have purposely kept the news off, and have avoided it .... for peace of mind.
I don't need to hear angry words jabbed at the Government or at its workers, or Government workers lashing back (angry at Govt themselves). 
I'd rather not hear more about Democrats & Republicans refusing to give each another an inch [they had a whole year to figure something out; is this a  childish "stare-down"?]. 
Having an indifferent, unconcerned President certainly doesn't help the situation, either ... 
 Yes, I'm married to an intelligent Government worker, and am proud of him. He is a necessary, essential worker.  :) 
It's an honor he's able to use his skills in such a position, for the good of our Country.
Of course it's tough not knowing how long this shut down will last, but it won't last forever. 
All the political fuss will eventually end.... right?? 
And then .... there will be something else .....   ;)

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