Friday, October 11, 2013

~Beautiful Days~ :)

Because of the Government shut down, Richard has been able to work on many projects around the house! :)
He cleaned out the shed ....
 ...and then scraped and painted it.
He says he could get used to this "retired living"!
We're loving having him at home with us.
He's also gone grocery shopping and made dinner a time or two, making my days so much more stress-free!
I could get used to his "retired living", too!!   :)
 Another plus ... no need for Richard to leave work early to be at our boys' Cross Country Meet in Troy, IL ...
Each school who hosts a Meet, can set its own rules, and Troy decided to have three separate races, and to clock each team's fastest runners [FBA's team ran in the first race; we're waiting to hear results].
The "regular" runners on teams were told to run their very best even though they wouldn't be timed, and to try and beat the ones wearing numbers.   :)
 Antonin was selected to run as a "varsity" runner (the fastest 6 on each team).
Caleb was one of the many "regulars", who ran along-side the "varsity" runners.
When Antonin passed by half-way through his 1.8 mile run, and I saw that he was giving it his ALL, I yelled out, "Pace yourself, Antonin!!!"
I found out later that he never heard me- he was so focused. 
Me- being a worried mother- began praying that he'd make it to the end!   :)
I relaxed a bit when I saw Caleb ... he was definitely pacing himself.
I discovered later, however, that he wasn't trying very hard since he wasn't being timed. Silly boy!    :)
Before long, Antonin approached the finish line, with one runner on either side of him, which is why you can't see him in this photo. Yes, he was giving it ALL he had!!
...And ... here's Caleb nearing the finish!! :) 
He was not far behind Antonin.
Good finish, boys!!
We aren't sure yet how Antonin placed ...
[he was asking why I have to take pictures all the time  :)]
 The course was a more difficult one, with a fair amount of hills (the Troy area is very beautiful, by the way). 
We're so proud of our boys and how they've worked hard balancing Cross Country and homework & studies! :)
The season of Cross Country is slowing to an end; one more Meet left!

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