Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~Last Cross Country Meet~

Life continues during a Government Shutdown  ... and today was the boys' last Cross Country Meet, held in Highland.
It had rained the biggest part of the day, but conditions were good for the Meet to proceed as planned.
The coach took the team to Highland straight from school, so Richard, Ashlyn & I met up with our boys in the High School's field. 
 It was a bit chilly, but no one seemed to mind ... I think they loved the idea of not running in 90 degree weather. :)
 On your mark .... Get set .... GO!!!
Here's Antonin, running in the foreground, ready to pass the runner in front of him. Do you see the runner in the distance, to the left?  That's Caleb!  Normally, he isn't this close behind Antonin, and it made my little Mom-heart happy!!  It also meant I only needed to take one photo [ahem... or simply had enough time for one photo because my memory card was full)!   :)
Approaching the finish line, Antonin passed up several boys.
You can see a glimpse of Caleb in the distance ... see him approaching the corner/curve?
 I was still watching Antonin, when I realized I needed to hurry and snap a picture of Caleb, too!!!  Ack! Now I'm not certain I like them running close together.   :)
Good race boys... and a great season!!
It's hard to believe that Cross Country is over!
Basketball season is coming soon for Caleb; we are so excited that he made the team!
As mentioned before, Ashlyn finds things to do during her big brothers' sporting events.
This time, she found a friend or two to play and run with, and pick wild berries (but no eating!!).
Later, she found a lone, single flower to stick in her hair.
More to come of our sweet, crazy-fun life ... I'll need to delete more photos off my camera first.  ;)

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